ico_player_weapon_swordSword skill makes you more proficient with swords, increasing the power of your attacks.New perk points unlock at levels: 3, 5, 8, 10, 13, 15, 18, 20.

Can be increased by using swords in combat.

Sword Perks

Name Sword Type Reqs Attack Pattern Rhythm Effect
Zorn ort: Wrath Strike Longsword Sword Lvl 6   SLASH-SLASH-STAB With a rapid Zornhau from the Ox stance, parry the opponent's strike to the side from your left shoulder and thrust the point straight to his chest.
Double Stab ShortswordSabre Sword Lvl 7   SLASH-SLASH-STAB-STAB After a flurry of quick thrusts twist the point forward, guide the opponent's weapon sideways with twin quick stabs and strike the exposed chest.
Blunt Strike ShortswordSabre Sword Lvl 8   STAB-SLASH-SLASH Instead of a started strike from the right, strike unexpectedly at the opponent's face. Turn your weapon around his and strike him quickly with the blunt end. If you have a shield, use its edge for striking. 
Fehler: Scarmaker Longsword Sword Lvl 8   SLASH-STAB-STAB By means of rapid attacks, put the opponent on the defensive, then feint a stab, but instead of carrying it through, execute a Mittlehau around the opponent's blade straight to the face.
Halbschwert: Half Sword ShortswordSabre Sword Lvl 8   SLASH-STAB-STAB After deflecting a deceptive thrust, don't pull back, but instead lunge forward, grasp the middle of your blade with your free hand and will the full force of both arms, drive the point into the opponent's chest.
Fehler: Blinding Strike ShortswordSabre Sword Lvl 9   SLASH-SLASH-SLASH-SLASH Attack repeatedly from various sides to confuse the opponent. If you have a shield, cover your final strike behind it. If not, get past the opponent's cover with a quick strike.
Drei Wunder: Wrist Longsword Sword Lvl 10   SLASH-SLASH-STAB-STAB The 'third wonder' of swordfighting is a slash that will not defeat your opponent, but will make it difficult for him to continue. After a few misleading strikes, suddenly slash at the wrist.
Durchlauffen: Run Through Longsword Sword Lvl 12   STAB-SLASH-SLASH Following a feint from the right, you run through the opponent's defence and strike him with the pommel of the sword. The technique is often used when passing into a clinch.
Duplieren: Doubling Longsword Sword Lvl 14   SLASH-SLASH-SLASH-SLASH After several strikes from unexpected sides, evade the opponent's blade by turning the short edge and striking with a slash to the unguarded face. If executed correctly, a very powerful technique.