ico_player_repairingMaintenance allows to repair things with repair kits and weapons at a grindstone, The higher your skill level, the easier it is to use the grindstone and the longer your repair kit will last. At a higher level, you will be able to repair more badly damaged items. New perk points unlock at levels: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 20.


Name Requirements Effect
Fragrance Maint Lvl 3 With freshly laundered clothes on, you have +1 higher Charisma for one day.
Seven Mile Boots Maint Lvl 3 If you're wearing boots you repaired yourself, sprinting will cost you 20% less Stamina, so you can run longer.
Saville Row Maint Lvl 6 Every item of clothing that you're wearing that you've repaired yourself adds 0.5 to Charisma, up to a maximum bonus of +2. Doesn't apply to armour.
Stuffing Maint Lvl 6 When you repair your own armour you're able to pad it so it doesn't jangle as much and lower your stealth ability.
Serrated Edge Maint Lvl 9 A weapon you've sharpened yourself has a 15% greater chance of causing bleeding.
Tin Opener Maint Lvl 9 A weapon you've sharpened yourself will cause 15% greater damage to your opponent's armour and equipment.
Blacksmith's Son Maint Lvl 12 Weapons you repair with a repair kit have a 10% stronger attack, until they get too damaged.
Well Groomed Maint Lvl 12 The attire you have on will suffer 15% less wear and tear.