ico_player_herbalismHerbalism skill allows you to collect more herbs with a single action. This means that you are able to gather plants more quickly and easily.New perk points unlock at levels: 5, 10, 15, 20.

Herbalism can be increased by gathering herbs


Name Requirements Effect
Flower Power Herbalism Lvl 5 If you've got enough fragrant herbs in your inventory, you get a +2 Charisma bonus.
Horsenip Herbalism Lvl 5 If your horse has enough fragrant herbs in its saddlebag, it will shy less.
Botanist Herbalism Lvl 10 The herbs you sell have a 15% higher price.
Leg Day Herbalism Lvl 10 Herb-picking activity will add experience to your Strength stat too.
Resistance 100 Nettle Gathered You've collected such a quantity of poisonous herbs or nettles that your Vitality is permanently increased by +2.