The better your mastery of Alchemy, the easier it is to brew potions even if you make minor mistakes. A Master who adheres carefully to the recipe on the other hand can make up to 3 potions from the same ingredients as one.New perk points unlock at levels: 3, 5, 8, 10, 13, 15, 18, 20.

Alchemy can be increased by making potions.


Name Reqs Effect
Salted and Smoked Alch Lvl 3 Cured or cooked food in your inventory will spoil 20% more slowly.
Water of Life Alch Lvl 3 Healing potions will heal you 50% more, but will also intoxicate you 50% more.
Witcher Alch Lvl 3  Potions will fill you up 30% less, which means you can drink more of them and more often.
Trial and Error Alch Lvl 5 When brewing you can make one extra mistake without affecting the results.
Venomous Blade Alch Lvl 5 Poison applied to a weapon will remain on the blade longer.
Snake Oil Salesman Alch Lvl 8 Potions you brew yourself have a 20% higher selling price.
Bundle Alchemist Alch Lvl 10 When you successfully brew a potion, you get one extra. Doesn't apply to autobrew.
Routine I Alch Lvl 10 You can now auto-brew potions you have brewed once before, but you can only brew one.
Routine II Alch Lvl 13 Autobrewing will produce 3 potions for the price of one.

Potions + Recipes