ico_player_readingReading skill influences the ability of your character to actually read books. Without it, any book is just gibberish to him. Higher Reading skill decreases the amount of time required to read and comprehend a book. New perk points unlock at levels: 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20.

Can be increased by reading books.


Name Requirements Effect
Colleague Reading Lvl 3 All books are cheaper in shops.
In the Flow Reading Lvl 3 When reading, you will get tired and hungry twice as slowly as normal.
Art Connoisseur Reading Lvl 5 The first time you look at a fresco, cross or wayside shrine, your Charisma will increases temporarily by +2.
Magistrate I Reading Lvl 5 Being well-learned, you make a better impression on people and get a +1 Speech bonus when trying to persuade a guard.
Avid Reader Reading Lvl 7 Your level of study of the book you've read most of will advance automatically while sleeping or skipping time.
Cushion Reading Lvl 7 If you're sitting comfortably you get a double reading bonus.
Magistrate II Reading Lvl 9 Your Speech bonus when trying to persuade a guard rises to +2.
Swot Reading Lvl 9 It doesn't matter to you where you read, you get a learning bonus anywhere you read.
Magistrate III Reading Lvl 12 Your Speech bonus when persuading guards is increases to +3.
Cartographer Reading Lvl 14 The whole map is revealed to you, showing all settlements, hunting spots and caves.