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Unexpected Visit is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. We finally got some fine spring weather, but still I slept late in the morning, because I was out celebrating until late in the evening. It was a bit hard getting out of bed in the morning.

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Unexpected Visit Walkthrough

  • Tutorial Quest, pretty straightforward.
  • Get the axe, hammer and nails from Kunesh. You can do this by either by outright beating him in a fistfight or sneak in his house and open the chest with a lockpick. Sell these items to a trader to get enough money to buy the coal.
  • You will meet your friends in front of the tavern. Help them bombarding Deutsch's house with dung so they will help you with Kunesh (either by beating him up with you or giving you lockpick).
  • After the attack on the village, you will find a girl about getting raped by Cumans. You can help her but the fight can be pretty hard if you don't know what you are doing.

    • Tipp: Get on a horse first and run over the Cumans that are violating Theresa and the just ride away.

  • Get on a horse and Follow the marker to Talmberg. Don't stop or otherwise you are going to get killed.

Tips & Tricks

  • When talking to your mother about what did yesterday you will get a stat increased depending on the answer:
    • “We talked in the tavern.” – increases your speech.
    • “I was at the dance.” – increases your agility.
    • “I went to Bianca.” – increases your vitality.
    • “I worked in the forge.” – increases your strength

Unexpected Visit Objectives and Questlogs

  • Go to your father

    • Start: Now I have to go to Father, because yesterday I promised I'd help him with his work today.

    • Completed: In the end the sunshine forced me to wake up, with a little help from my parents. I went to help Father, as I'd promised him the day before. But first he wanted me to run some errands for him.


  • Collect the debt from Kunesh.

    • Start: Great! I've got to get the money for the other things from Kunesh, who owes Father money. He's too soft on that drunk! I suppose he feels sorry for Kunesh since his wife ran off, but I'm damned if I know how I'm supposed to get money out of him.
    • Completed: It wasn't easy getting any money out of Kunesh, but in the end he at least gave me something, if not entirely willingly.
    • Try and get the axe, hammer and nails back another way

      • Start: Kunesh doesn't want to pay up and it seems he's got no coin anyway. Oh well, I'll just have to take back the things he didn't pay for. Or something else. I can't just let it go.

        • Get a lockpick from Fritz to open Kunesh's chest.

          • Start: Kunesh has a locked chest at home. Maybe there's something in it I can take in lieu of his debt, but to get into it I'll need a lockpick. Maybe Fritz has one.

          • Completed: Kunesh had a locked chest at home that I couldn't get into easily. I needed a lockpick from Fritz. I figured stealing from a thief was no sin.

        • Robbing a thief…

          • Completed: I opened Kunesh's trunk and found there the hammer and nails he hadn't paid for, as well as a few other things. I also took back the axe he got from Father. I could get enough money to cover the costs by selling everything.

        • Money from father.

          • Completed: In the end I had to go back to Father and admit I couldn't get Kunesh to pay his debt. Father gave me coin and said he'd go and deal with Kunesh himself

    • Find something at Kunesh's worth selling.

      • Start: I got the key to Kunesh's trunk from him. Maybe he'll have something in it worth selling. And I should take back the axe he got from Father too. It's in front of his house.

      • Completed: I couldn't get any coin out of Kunesh, but I did get some things from him I can sell to cover his debt.


  • Buy a bag of charcoal at the market.

    • Start: I have to go to the market and buy charcoal for Father for the forge, so we can finish the sword for Sir Radzig.

    • Completed: Getting the money for the shopping was the hardest part, but in the end I bought the charcoal and now there's nothing to stop us finishing the sword.


  • Pick up the cross-guard from the Chamberlain at the castle.

    • Start: Finally an errand I can actually enjoy! The cross-guard for the sword I'm helping Father make have arrived from Sasau and I've got to go to the castle and pick them up.

    • Completed: I went to the castle and picked up the cross-guard, the last things needed for putting the sword together.

  • Go to the sword-fighting lesson.

    • Start: I started getting some training in sword-fighting from a mercenary who turned up in Skalitz recently. All he wants in return is a little wine. Father and Mother musn't find out. For some reason they don't want me to learn to defend myself! I got a bit of a cut in yesterday's lesson, though. We're supposed to meet by the alehouse again today.

    • Completed: I met again with that mercenary who was teaching me to swordfight in exchange for just a little wine. This time I didn't get cut like before. But I'm afraid when Father and Mother see my brusies, they might suspect I'm learning swordplay behind their backs.


  • Buy ale at the tavern.

    • Start: Father always likes to have a cool beer while he works at the forge, so I have to go and get him some, but not until after everything else, so it doesn't get warm.

    • Completed: It goes without saying I also have to bring ale for Father, fresh and cool. I've been doing that since I was big enough to carry the pitcher. I used to think Father was a drunk, but when he let me start blacksmithing and I got near enough to feel the blast of the forge, I soon found out how essential a pitcher of cool, bitter ale is for this job. Just as long as you don't overdo it.

  • Buy beer and don't let it get warm!

    • Start: I should have left buying the beer till last, so it would still be cold. Now I'll have to get more and make sure it doesn't get warm.

    • Completed: I got the beer to Father while it was still cold. I'm a hero! Now we could get down to work.

Meet your friends infrot of the tavern:

  • Go with your friends to Deutsch's house.

    • Start: I agreed with the boys that we'll go and get the Deutsch back for his disrespect for our King. I'd better not keep them waiting.

    • Go back and get revenge on Deutsch!

      • Start: And now we can go and do the job.

      • Failed: In the end I didn't take part in the manure bombardment of the Deutsch's house. But from what I hear, the mission was a success.

      • Completed: I'm sure the Deutsch will love the way we decorated his house with horse manure. Unfortunately, we were interrupted during our creative work by the Deutsch's son Hans and Zbyshek from the mill, and we got into a bit of a brawl with them

      • Discuss the plan of attack with your friends.

        • Start: We met in front of the house. What now?

      • Lure Deutsch's wife away

        • Start: We can't get down to redecorating Deutsch's house as long as his wife's around. We'll have to lure her away somehow. And since my friends say I'm the cleverest one, of course the job falls to me.

        • Completed: There was only Deutsch's wife to stop us from avenging the insult to our good King, with the aid of a big pile of manure. Getting her out of the way was no big problem though, so soon we could get down to redecorating Deutsch's house.

    • Run from the catchpole.

      • Start: Bombarding Deutsch's house with dung was a fitting punishment for his insulting the king, even if it did end in a brawl with his son, Hans. Only the catchpole turned up just at the wrong moment and spoiled our fun. Let's hope he doesn't catch any of us!

      • Completed: And that was fun. We covered Deutsch's house in so much shit he'll be luck if he can find the door. Maybe that will teach him not to insult our king. I think we got the message to his son Hans too, with the help of a few punches. Only then the catchpole turned up at just the wrong momen

    • Meet the lads at Kunesh's.

      • Start: I'm curious whether the lads managed to get out of that one. Whenever there's trouble, they always hide out behind Kunesh's shed.

  • I refused to go dung throwing with my friends.

    • Completed: I decided I wouldn't let my friends drag me into another of their madcap schemes. They can get into quite enough trouble without my help.


  • Go back to Father at the forge

    • Start: So, I got everything Father wanted. Now to get back to the forge to help him finish making Sir Radzig's sword. I'd better get moving; he doesn't like warm beer.

    • Completed: Once I'd done all the errands, I went back to the forge so I could finally start helping Father finish Sir Radzig's sword.


  • Go and get the nails for Theresa.

    • Start: The forging was going nicely when we were interrupted by Theresa, the miller's young daughter, who came to pick up some nails for her father. I've got to go into the house and get them from the trunk.

    • Completed: Forging with Father was great. We finished the sword for Sir Radzig. Blacksmithing is a wonderful trade that folk need, not just on account of swords, but also everyday things like, for example, the nails we made for the miller, whose daughter Theresa came to collect them.

    • Bring the nails to Theresa.

      • Start: I easily found the nails. Now to bring them to Theresa.

      • Completed: I gave Theresa the nails and got back to forging with Father.


  • Help Theresa get away from the rapists.

    • Completed: I saw a horse I could take to flee to Talmberg, only nearby I also saw three of Sigismund's soldiers trying to rape Theresa, the miller's daughter. I couldn't just leave them to it, and even though I was outnumbered, I managed to help her. 

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