Queen Of Sheba's Sword




Strength Req.


Agility Req.


Slash dmg


Stab dmg


Smash dmg





1644.2 groschen


3.13 groschen





Queen Of Sheba's Sword is a Melee Weapon in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

"Weapon type: Longsword The legendary longsword of the Queen of Sheba, reforged in 1403 A D by the Sasau blacksmith."


Queen Of Sheba's Sword can be acquired at the following locations

  • Shard 1. Smith Zach by monastery in Sasau. He has it in his inventory on his body.

  • Shard 2. Swordsmith in Rattay, hidden in an easy pickable trunk on second floor of his shop.

  • Shard 3. Talmberg smith. He has it laying around inside his house on top of a barrel behind a locked door. His house is the one next to the conciliation Cross.

  • Shard 4. From Pickman for getting him a water carrying job with the Bailiff of Rattay. (Quest is started by talking to the Bailiff.)

  • Shard 5. You buy it off of the Smith in Ledetchko

  • Shard 6 is located in Rattay Blacksmith's storeroom, the shard is on top of a shelf. Upon being questioned, the blacksmith may deny that he bought the shard. Conducting some sleuthing indicates otherwise. 


  • Although the sword may not drastically deteriorate when used in combat, it will when it is used on a sharpening stone. When the durabilty is below 50, the player may take it back to Swordsmith Fink to confront him about the sword.
  • The Queen of Sheba's sword is identical to Soul Slicer in appearance. 
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