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Nest of vipers is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Sir Radzig asked me to scout out the location of the camp where the bandits who attacked Neuhof are holed up. I've got to find out as much as I can in the camp and if possible sabotage things a bit.

Nest of vipers Walkthrough

  1. Get two bottles of  Poison and a Torch.
  2. Follow the directions of Timmy or Morcock to Pribislavitz. See Gallery for the location on the map -  you don't have to follow their directions step by step.
  3. Make Sure the game is saved before you get closer to the camp.
  4. Scout it out by running around it once. You should find the following locations:
    • Two main bridges (the one that you can reach by following the main path and the one in the south).
    • South and south-west parts of Pribyslavitz (Henry will say that it is a good place for a surprise attack).
    • The center of Pribyslavitz,
    • The smaller northern camp.
    • The bigger western camp - you should be able to watch a cut-scene during which Runt kills one of his men.

There are two camps inside that town. One Bandit camp and one Cuman camp.

  1. Get some gear with low visibility and noise and try to sneak into the Cuman camp at night.
  2. Get some Cuman armor and trick the Bandits so they let you walk freely inside the bandits camp. Keep in mind that other Cumans will see through your disguise. There is a full Cuman armor inside a locked easy chest near the backside of the Cuman camp. (see gallery)

Sabotaging the bandits and Cumans will make the attack on that camp in the next quest much easier. There more damage you do the weaker they gonna be in the next quest!

The easiest way to sabotage them is to poison their food. There are two pots - one in the Bandit camp and one in the Cuman camp. Wait until no one is watching and then add the poison to the pot.

Burning the arrows, on the other hand, is quite a bit harder to do unnoticed. If you do want to remove the threat of archers, you’ll either have to time the burning very precisely with a torch. There are two barrels with arrows in the Bandit camp and two in the Cuman camp.

If enough damage is done, report back to sir Radzig.Tell him everything you saw and tell him that there are a lot of bandits and Cumans there so he asks you to get reinforcements from Sir Divish of Talmberg.

Tips & Tricks

  • Infiltrate the Camp at night
  • You could also just run in and sabotage everything while everyone is chasing you. You might get away in the dark with the right gear.

Related NPCs and Characters

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Nest of vipers Objectives

Find the Camp with Timmy's directions

  • Find the footpads' camp.

    • Start: Timmy gave me directions to the bandits' camp. It's directly north of Talmberg. Left by the abandoned house, left again at the tall beech tree and straight on at the crossroads by the flat rock. I must go and check it out.

    • Completed: Finally! I found the bandits' camp and there's quite a lot of them there.

  • The woodcutters' camp by the northern road from Talmberg.

    • Start: The path begins at the woodcutters' camp in the forest north of Talmberg. To get there, I have to follow the road directly from the castle to the north.

    • Go to the fork with the ruined cabin.

      • Start: I have to go straight along the path past the camp until I reach a fork with the ruins of a cabin.Go straight and go to

    • the next fork by a clearing with a big beech tree.

      • Start: I've got to take the left path at the fork and carry on to the next fork, at a clearing with a big beech tree. Take a left

    • and continue on the path to the next fork.

      • Start: I've got to take another left by the beech tree and go along the path until I come to another junction.Take a left and

    • carry on to the junction.

      • Start: I've got to go left once more and keep going until I reach a crossroads by a flat rock.Carry on straight at the

    • crossroads all the way to the camp.

      • Start: I've got to go straight at the crossroads and the camp should be somewhere in front of me.

 Find the Camp with Morcock's directions

  • Find the bandits' encampment.

    • Start: I found out from the bandit called Morcock where to look for their encampment. It's somewhere in the woods to the northeast of Skalitz.

    • Completed: I succeeded in my mission to track down the bandits' encampment. And I discovered it wouldn't be wise to underestimate them - there was a small army there behind fortifications.

Meet with Morcock

  • Meet Morcock in the footpads' camp.

    • Start: I've arranged to meet Morcock at the camp. I'd better be careful there.

    • Completed: Morcock told me to wait while he went to get the camp leader.

  • Follow the bandit to Morcock.

    • Start: I met a bandit at the camp who says he'll take me to Morcock. I should follow him.

    • Completed: At the camp, I met a bandit led me to Morcock.

  • Follow the Cuman to Morcock.

    • Start: I met a Cuman and told him I was looking for Morcock. It seems he understood me and is taking me to him.

    • Completed: I met a Cuman and told him I was going to see Morcock. I wasn't sure whether he understood, but he led me to him alright.

  • Wait for Morcock or run away.

    • Start: I don't like the way things are shaping up here. Should I wait for him or flee?

    • Failed: It turns out there's nothing good awaiting me at the bandits' camp. Maybe the best I can hope for is a quick death…

    • Completed: I managed to escape from the bandits' camp, but only by the skin of my teeth.

  • Save yourself.

    • Start: I might have known it. The camp leader ordered that I be killed. Now my very life is on the line.

    • Completed: God knows how I managed it, but I saved my skin and got away from the bandits' camp.

Scout out the bandits' camp

  • Go and scout out the bandits' camp.

    • Start: Sir Radzig Kobyla asked me to find out where the bandits responsible for the massacre at Neuhof are hiding and bring him information from their camp, like how many there are and how they're armed. Getting inside will be no easy matter though.

    • Completed: The bandits' secret encampment was a mystery to us until I managed to infiltrate it and scout it out before Sir Radzig's people attacked.

  • Get into the bandits' camp and scout it out

    • Completed: Apart from regular Bohemian bandits, here's lots of Cumans in the secret camp.

  • Get into the bandits' camp and scout it out.

    • Completed: And the camp leader, Runt, must be a pretty intimidating and dangerous man to lead a bunch of murderous bandits and Cumans.

Sabotage the bandits

  • Sabotage the bandits before the battle begins.

    • Start: Every bit of damage to the enemy counts, and before a battle it counts double. I'll scout around and see what I can sabotage in the bandits' camp. I must be able to poison their food or destroy their arrows...

  • Look around the camp and see what could be useful for the attack.

    • Start: I got into the bandits' camp. Now I should find out as much as I can to help Sir Radzig with his raid.

  • Sabotage the bandits before the battle.

    • Completed: I set the bandits' horses free. That caused quite a commotion.

  • Sabotage the bandits before the battle.

    • Completed: I set fire to their arrows, so they won't have so much ammunition for the upcoming battle.

  • Sabotage the bandits before the battle.

    • Completed: I poisoned some of their food. I'd like to see how they'll fight after eating that!

  • Sabotage: you can poison their food.

    • Completed: I poisoned their food.

  • Sabotage: you can set fire to the arrows.

    • Completed: I set fire to the arrows.

Report back to Sir Radzig

  • Go back to Sir Radzig.

    • Start: There's nothing more I can do here. I should go back to Sir Radzig.

  • Go back to Sir Radzig.

    • Start: I found the enemy encampment, which was my primary task. Now I can either return to Sir Radzig to report, or do something to sabotage the bandits before the coming battle.

    • Completed: There was nothing left for me to do but go back to Sir Radzig and report to him on the success of my mission in the enemy camp, which was now open to attack.

  • Ask Sir Divish of Talmberg for reinforcements.

    • Completed: My next task was to go to Talmberg and get reinforcements for the attack on the bandits' encampment. Sir Divish promised he'd supply several men.

  • When you're ready for battle, talk to Sir Divish.