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My Friend Timmy is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I found out from Reeky that another of the bandits who raided Neuhof is apparently hiding out in a windmill south of Merhojed.

My Friend Timmy Walkthrough

  • Travel to the windmill south of Merhojed.

  • Talk to his sister Mirka and ask her where you can find Timmy. She will tell you behind the windmill where you will get surprised by some bandits that are searching for him as well.

    • Either win the speech check against them,

    • Tell them where Timmy can be found and befriend them or

    • Beat them in a fist fight. You will probably lose that fight but they won't finish you off.

  • Travel to the Kolben’s farm where you can find Timmy.

  • Persuade Timmy to tell you where the bandits’ camp is.

    • If you made friends with the bandits you encounter earlier they will also tell you where the camp can be found.

  • Report back to Sir Radzig.

Tips & Tricks

  • Helping the bandits will make the next quest "Nest of Vipers" quite a bit easier.

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My Friend Timmy Objectives

  • start save

Get Timmy's location

  • Enquire after Timmy at the windmill

    • Start: I should go back to the mill and ask about Timmy before he vanishes.

    • Completed: It seems Timmy had been working at the mill, but I found out he was afterwards hiding at the Kolbens' farm

  • Talk to Mirka behind the windmill.

    • Start: Mirka is willing to talk to me about Timmy, but she's clearly very fearful and wants to talk in private behind the windmill.

    • Completed: Mirka told me fearfully that Timmy was hiding out at the Kolben farm and that there were some "peculiar fellows" looking for him too. Shortly after, I had the dubious honour of meeting them as well.

Losing the speech check against Mirka

  • Question other people.

    • Start: Mirka claims she doesn't know any Timmy. That's sucpicious. I should ask someone else from the mill.

    • Completed: From what I heard, Timmy was working at the mill until recently, but Mirka clearly lied about that.

  • Go back to Mirka.

    • Start: The other people at the mill know Timmy. I'm very interested to hear what Mirka has to say about that!

    • Completed: It seemed Mirka didn't want to talk about Timmy in front of others.

Tell the bandits where they can find Timmy

  • Wait until Morcock finds Timmy, then go and get your reward.

    • Start: Morcock, their chief, pressed me for information about Timmy, so I told him where he was hiding out. I've got to talk to him after he's dealt with Timmy, either at the Kolbens' or in the Samopesh Tavern as soon as he's dealt with Timmy. Unless, of course, I decide to help Timmy after all, in which case I don't have much time...

    • Completed: Morcock, their chief, pressed me for information about Timmy, so I told him where he was and left the rest up to him. Morcock was grateful and Timmy... well, Timmy didn't matter any more.

Get Timmy to tell you where the other bandits are hiding

  • Get Timmy to tell you where the ot her bandits are hiding

    • Start: They put the thumbscrews on me right away, but I didn't betray Timmy's hiding place to them. Now it's time I had a word with this elusive ox man-to-man! And seeing as I'm apparently not the only one looking for him, I'd better find him quick.

    • Completed: They put the thumbscrews on me right away, but I didn't betray Timmy's hiding place to them. Then I went and had a word with the elusive ox myself. I've come across smarter creatures in the village pond, but he did manage to describe to me the way to the camp where his cronies used to hide out.

  • Find the footpads' camp.

    • Start: I don't know where to start, but I have to find that camp where the bandits are holed up.

    • Completed: I succeeded in my mission to track down the bandits' encampment. And I discovered it wouldn't be wise to underestimate them - there was a small army there behind fortifications.

Report back to Sir Radzig

  • Report the location of bandit camp to Sir Radzig.

    • Start: I have to report everything to Sir Radzig right away, although... I could scout out the camp a little first.

    • Completed: I reported to Sir Radzig where the bandits' camp is. It was clear from his reaction that those bastards will have hell to pay!

  • Report the position of the bandit camp to Sir Radzig.

    • Start: Quite by chance, I found a bandits' camp in the woods. I could take a look around, but I'd better report it to Sir Radzig.