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Trial By Fire (Baptism of Fire) is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. A raiding party led by Captain Robard of Talmberg is preparing to attack the bandit camp and I'm to go with them. It will be my baptism of fire.

Trial By Fire Walkthrough


  • Make sure you are at least level 8 and have your strength and defense level around level 8 as well.
  • Make sure you have a good Weapon you can duel a very hard opponent wearing plate with. Maces and Axes are pretty strong against armored opponents! Make sure you train with Bernhard a bit if you have never used such a weapon.
  • Look for some Potions that can help you during the battle.
  • Make a sperate save game before you start this quest in case you stuck and need to work more on your skills or equipment.
  • Take a bow with you! and make sure you have some arrows.

During the fight

  • Try not losing too much health since you will need it for the "boss fight".
  • Just swarm the enemies with your fellow comrades until you reach a point where you are tasked to kill some archers.
    • You have to kill the archers on your own since your teammates won't engage them for some reason.

Fight against Runt

Now it's the time to show what you have learned about fighting in KDC. If you have problems, try killing Runt with a headshot from a bow since he doesn't wear a helmet.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use a bow to kill Runt
  • Return to Pribyslawitz after the fight. It will be empty, and you'll be able to collect all the valuables there.

Runt Duel with bow

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Trial By Fire Objectives

  • Deal with the archers

    • Start: There are archers covering our approach. They have to be dealt with.

    • Failed: We should have dealt with the archers who were raining arrows on us, but no one took care of that, which cost us heavy casualties.

  • Fight through to the Cuman camp.

    • Start: Before us lies the Cuman camp with a cart blocking the entrance. We've got to get inside and crush those whoresons!

    • Completed: The soldiers moved a wagon blocking the entrance to the camp where the Cumans were taking cover. Evidently they were waiting until the bandits had weakened us. But they'd underestimated us! We hammered the bandits and got to them.

  • Kill the bandit commander in the steeple

    • Start: The last of the bandits, the leader himself, Runt, is taking cover in the steeple of the derelict church. Once he's defeated, the day will be ours.

    • Completed: The last bandit, their leader, Runt, took cover in the bell tower of the ruined church. I had an account to settle with him, and he paid for it with his life. The battle was over and my rage with it, but I didn't feel much better.

  • Kill the Cuman commander.

    • Start: The Cuman commander is nearby. Killing him would weaken the Cuman mercenaries.

    • Completed: We beat all the Cumans in the camp, including their leader, which left the way open to the church.

  • Fight through to the church.

    • Start: The last of the enemy forces are concentrated around the church. We have to deal with them.

    • Completed: We beat the last of the enemy resistance holed up inside the fortifications around the church.

  • Fight your way into the camp.

    • Start: We're attacking the bandits' encampment, but they have patrols on all the routes there. We'll have to deal with them first to get any further.

    • Completed: We fought our way through the forward patrols as far as the site of the encampment, where we met with further tough opposition.

  • Defend the position.

    • Start: Enemy reinforcements are attacking our hard-won positions. We have to hold them off.

    • Completed: Enemy reinforcements attacked the positions we'd won in the upper camp after a tough struggle, but we managed to defend our positions and carry on with our siege of the church.

  • Set fire to the hay.

    • Completed: Our advance into the enemy camp was blocked by the archers inflicting casualties on us. I found a clever way of dealing with them - by setting fire to a pile of hay right under their positions. The had no choice but to stop shooting and pull back from the choking smoke, so now our men could advance.

  • Kill the archers.

    • Completed: Our advance into the enemy camp was blocked by the archers inflicting casualties on us. I dealt with them so our men could advance.

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