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What a strange day... is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Strange day came after wierd night. Get through all the objectives, it may heal your soul.


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What a strange day... Objectives

  • You are in a very bad shape. Survive till the morning!

    • Start: I woke up in a strange and ugly land. I felt really bad, not knowing what happened yesterday.

    • Completed: However I managed to survive till the morning. Still feeling bad...

  • Lockpicking is needed! Level up to level four. Somehow.

    • Start: I decided that the lockpicking is what may help me. I am not a very good thief though. I need to improve my skill.

    • Completed: And I did it.

  • Bonus: Do it quickly!

    • Start: I've decided to get such an improvment in unnaturaly fast manner. Till the evening, I will be a master thief!

    • Failed: But I failed and wasn't fast enough.

    • Completed: And I was. Master thief. Sort of.

  • Now for the reward...

    • Start: I decided that I need a reward.

    • Completed: And I got it...

What a strange day... Walkthrough

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Tips & Tricks

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