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Waldensians (True Christians) is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Uzhitz has an univited guest - the Archbishop’s Vicar. He claims to be here to hunt down a group of heretics in the area. But Sir Hanush is of a different opinion. He thinks the Vicar has come here in order to snoop around his own estate. This is why Sir Hanush wants to see him off back to Prague.

Waldensians Walkthrough

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Tips & Tricks

  • Waldensians - Killing the Vicar, even if not caught, will fail the quest, despite there being an opportunity to get an objective to kill the Vicar later in the quest. Killing him should not fail the quest, but rather negate any reward if the player fails to pass a speech test with Sir Hanush to convince him that the Vicar's death was a coincidence. The reward for such an outcome should be substantially lower than finishing the quest to Sir Hanush's satisfaction. Also, Sir Hanush doesn't actually give a reward to the player right now, even if they complete the quest to his utmost satisfaction.[1]

Related NPCs and Characters

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  • Talk to the Vicar.

    • Start: My first task was to go to Uzhitz, find the Vicar and report to him. Let's hope my status as Sir Hanush's envoy will make the right impression on him.

    • Completed: My first task was to meet the Vicar, who looked and sounded to me like a typical emissary of Holy Mother Church - a little arrogant and haughty. But then he has to shepherd his flock, I suppose.

  • Get rid of the Vicar.

  • Find the Waldensian assembly

    • Start: The Vicar gave me the testimony of a tortured heretic that should help me find the heretics' assembly place. The only advice he gave me was to start at the local tavern.

    • Completed: I managed to track down the place where the heretics probably assembled. It was a small, well-hidden glade close to the Uzhitz fishpond.

  • Find out who owns the cross from the assembly place.

    • Start: The carved wooden cross I found is very distinctive, so someone in the village might recognise it.

    • Completed: I was convinced someone in the village would recognise such a distinctive cross, and my investigation ultimately led me to the Parish Priest, Father Godwin. He was concerned about my intentions though - he'd like to avoid a witch hunt, even though it's clear there is heresy happening in Uzhitz. But in the end I talked him round and he told me the cross belonged to the Bauer family.

  • The Bauer farm is suspected, report it to the Vicar.

    • Start: The cross belongs to the Bauer family. I'd better tell the Vicar.

    • Completed: The Vicar was none too surprised by my report. It seems the locals already told him some things about the Bauers. Nevertheless, he asked me to verify his suspicions in a very crafty way.

  • Sneak onto the Bauer property and eavesdrop on the evening prayer.

    • Start: The Bauers and their farm hands meet every evening for supper. I'm to creep into their loft and eavesdrop on how they pray. That should clarify whether they're heretics or not.

    • Completed: I crept up into the Bauers' loft to eavesdrop on their evening prayer. And it was peculiar alright - not the prayer itself, which was just the same as in every home, but the fact that it was led by a woman, Mistress Bauer. I heard nothing else that could be regarded as heresy, but from the conversation at supper, it was clear they all feared the Vicar. Mistress Bauer and her husband are even determined to confess to the Vicar, while the hands are planning to flee.

  • Pass the message to the Vicar.

    • Start: No there's no doubt that there's heresy underfoot at the the Bauer farm. All I have to do now is verify the Vicar's suspicions.

  • Talk to Father Godwin.

    • Start: If I'm to help Father Godwin help the Bauers, I'll have to consult with him about what to do.

    • Completed: I decided to tell Father Godwin the truth about the Bauers. He pleaded with me to warn them behind the Vicar's back.

  • Persuade the Bauers to flee.

    • Start: I have to warn the Bauers. That's the only way they can save themselves.

    • Completed: Mistress Bauer was resistant to the idea, but I finally persuaded her to flee from Uzhitz with her family right away. Hopefully they'll escape the clutches of that bloodthirsty Vicar. And more importantly, let's hope he doesn't find out it was I who warned them.

  • Give word to Sir Hanush.

    • Start: The deed has been done. Now to return to Rattay and inform Sir Hanush of developments.

  • Find out from the Vicar how you can help him.

    • Start: Sir Hanush charged me with getting the Vicar off his back. Not that I can just ask the Monsignor to be on his way - I'll have to help him with his mission. Once he finds out there's nothing going on in Uzhitz, he'll be on his way and everyone will be happy.

    • Completed: Helping the Vicar wasn't as straightforward as I'd hoped. He sent me right away to find the assembly place of the Waldensian heretics, which was no easy matter, since all he gave me to go on was the testimony under torture of a heretic taken prisoner in Kuttenberg. The poor wretch was evidently in a delirium from his suffering and his description of the route to the Waldensian's meeting place resembled more a passage from the Book of Revelations.

  • You've been discovered. No more spying now!

    • Start: I've been discovered. I'll have to go away for a while and try again later.

  • Explore the gathering place.

    • Start: I'll have to have a good look around the assembly place and see if I can find any clues.

    • Completed: I searched the assembly place from top to bottom and eventually found something that could be a useful clue - an ornamental wooden cross.

  • Kill the Vicar.

    • Start: After talking to Farmer Bauer, I arrived at an unpleasant conclusion - the only way the Bauers could be safe was if the Vicar met with an accident.

    • Completed: After talking to Farmer Bauer, I arrived at an unpleasant conclusion - the only way the Bauers could be safe was if the Vicar departed from this world. I didn't relish the task, but that man would have tortured the whole family and burned them at the stake. Let him discuss the rights and wrongs of it with St. Peter...

  • Report to Sir Hanush.

    • Completed: I told Sir Hanush what went down in Uzhitz and he seemed pleased with the outcome. He was rid of the Vicar and that's what he wanted most of all. And I was suitably rewarded for my efforts.

  • Report to Sir Hanush.

    • Completed: There was no avoiding it, I couldn't lie - I had to go to Rattay and report what had happened in Uzhitz. Sir Hanush nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard what I did. Hopefully he'll understand why when he's cooled down and won't send me to the pyre!

  • Report to Sir Hanush.

    • Completed: I had to got to Rattay and report the Vicar's death to Sir Hanush. I knew he wouldn't be happy about it, so I made up a story. I'm not sure whether he was entirely convinced, but I still have my head on my shoulders, so at least he gave me the benefit of the doubt.

  • Report to Sir Hanush.

    • Completed: My return from Uzhitz was none too cheerful. I knew the Vicar wouldn't give up his mission and there was nothing I could do to prevent him. Sir Hanush wasn't happy - he was hoping I'd come back with the news that the Vicar would finally be out of his hair.

  • Ask Father Godwin who the cross belongs to.

    • Start: The locals told me I should ask Father Godwin about the cross.

  • Report to the Vicar.

    • Completed: I immediately reported my findings to the Vicar, who was clearly pleased that the heretics in Uzhitz had been tracked down so quickly and he could take them to Kuttenberg to stand trial. He thanked me and rewarded me for my services to Holy Mother Church.

  • Report to the Vicar.

    • Completed: I didn't have the heart to turn in the Bauers, so instead I made the excuse to the Vicar that I'd heard nothing out of the ordinary. But that didn't allay his suspicions and there was nothing more I could do.

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