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Tough Love is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Hermann the Executioner is trying to help the widow Elishka. Only living with an executioner brings all sorts of problems.


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Tough Love Objectives

  • Find out more from the Bailiff.

    • Start: If Elishka had some kin who were willing to take her in, it would solve her situation. Only Eliska has no kin of her own, altough her dead husband might have had some family. I'll have to try and find out from the Bailiff if they exist, and where they might be.

    • Completed: If Elishka had had some kin who were willing to take her in, it would have solved her situation. Only Eliska had no kin of her own, altough her dead husband might have had some. I tried asking the Bailiff, but I didn't make much progress.

  • Find out more about Elishka's husband's family from the scribe.

    • Start: The scribe surely ought to know more.

    • Completed: So Eliska really has some relatives by marriage. The scribe told me about them.

  • Go back to Hermann and Elishka and decide.

    • Start: Elishka's family are willing to take her in. But the question is whether she wouldn't actually be better off with the Executioner.

  • Talk to Executioner Hermann.

    • Completed: Elishka finally decided to stay with Hermann. It was a joy to see that pair happy. I'm sure it will last too!

  • Talk to Executioner Hermann.

    • Completed: Elishka decided in the end to go and live with her relatives. I hope she'll be happy with them.

  • Talk to Elishka

    • Start: Eliska is unhappy at the Executioner's. Talk to her and find out if she has any kin who could help her.

    • Completed: Elishka is a young woman whose convict husband was executed by Hermann the Executioner. He saved her from being chased out of town by the self-righteous citizens and gave her a roof over her head. But her problems were only beginning - staying with the Executioner would make her as much of a pariah as he was.

  • Get embrocation for the scribe.

    • Start: The scribe might have been willing to help me, if he weren't suffering so badly with his knee trouble. Embrocation is a pretty straightforward thing - I can either buy it or brew it myself.

    • Completed: I got the scribe embrocation for his knee trouble and he was willing to help me.

  • Go and see Elishka's husband's family.

    • Start: Elishka's relatives live near the small fishpond east of Rattay.

  • Find out about the weeping woman from the Executioner.

    • Start: There's a woman crying on Gallows Hill. Maybe the Executioner can tell me something about her.

  • Find a home for Elishka.

    • Start: I found Elishka's husband's relatives. But talking them into taking her in won't be so easy.

    • Completed: I found Elishka's relatives. They didn't seem at all keen on taking her in, but in the end I talked them into it.

  • Talk to Executioner Hermann.

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Tough Love Walkthrough

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