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There is no royal road to learning is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It is time I learned to read.


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There is no royal road to learning Objectives

  • Get the money for the Scribe.

    • Start: I would like to learn to read, but there is a cost to it. The Scribe wants 50 Groschen, which I have to obtain.

    • Completed: The Scribe wants money for teaching me to read. I managed to get it together.

  • Visit the Scribe in Uzhitz.

  • Read the book.

    • Start: There is a book on the Scribe’s table. I can try out what I’ve learned.

    • Completed: I managed the first reading lesson and even my first test. I read a simple book the Scribe gave me.

  • Go back to the Scribe.

    • Start: I should let the Scribe know what I have read.

    • Completed: The actual reading is sometimes the easiest part. What's more difficult is understanding the point of the text, which the Scribe says I managed well.

  • Read the Latin text.

    • Start: No sooner had I leared the basics than the Scribe hit me with Latin text. I have to read the page he gave me.

    • Completed: The next test was in reading Latin, which I speak as well as the average goose, but at least I could have a go at deciphering the letters. I didn't need to understand the text, just remember the words I read.

  • Go back to the Scribe.

    • Start: I read the Latin text. Now I have to go back to the Scribe.

    • Completed: I recited the Latin text I read to the Scribe, and he seemed quite satisfied. He told me he had nothing more to teach me. I have now joined the men of letters.

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There is no royal road to learning Walkthrough

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