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The Trials of a Novice is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Novice Lucas has asked me to help solve his problem with the Brother Circators. They've been picking on him and making his life a misery.


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The Trials of a Novice Objectives

  • Make the circators stop their cruelty to Novice Lucas.

    • Start: I promised Lucas I'd talk to the circators about their treatment of him.

    • Failed: There's nothing I can do to help Novice Lucas now.

    • Completed: I've spoken to the circators who've been harrassing Novice Lucas for some time. They promised they'd leave him alone.

  • Go back to Lucas and tell him his trials are over.

    • Start: I talked to the circators. They shouldn't be bothering Novice Lucas any more.

    • Failed: There's nothing I can do to help Novice Lucas now.

    • Completed: Lucas was greatly relieved when I told him I'd talked to the circators and they'd agreed to leave him alone. He's happy he'll finally be able to lead a normal life in the monastery.

  • Reporting the circators to the Prior.

    • Completed: I reported the circators who've been bullying Novice Lucas to the Prior. He wasn't too happy to hear what was going on behind his back and promised to set things to rights. So the bullies should leave Lucas alone now.

  • Lucas was told that the circators were reported.

    • Completed: When I told Lucas I'd reported the circators to the Prior and that he wouldn't be bullied any more, he was horrified that I'd dealt with it in that way. But I think in the end he was happy to know the circators would leave him alone.

The Trials of a Novice Walkthrough

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