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The pot of silver at the end of the rainbow is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Someone was wandering in burned Skalitz and he stole everything that's left. It would not make any harm, if someone would check that out. Especially, because robbing a robber is no great sin...


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The pot of silver at the end of the rainbow Objectives

  • Find the thieving charcoal-burner

    • Start: There are some charcoal-burners in the woods around Rovna. I'll have to figure out which is the right one, though. I can't just beat them all up, can I?

  • Return to Andrew with the money.

    • Start: There's not much coin, but there's nothing I can do about that. When I split it with Andrew, there'll be even less.

    • Completed: Andrew wasn't too pleased with the outcome, and I can't blame him. It wasn't worth it for all the running around.

  • Find the robbed man in Rattay.

    • Start: Andrew told me the fellow who told him about the looting was Adam from Skalitz, who should be in Rattay with the other refugees. I should ask him about what happened to him and if he knows any more.

    • Completed: I found Adam in Rattay and he told me the thief was smudged with soot and that he stole their new kettle. And he said the robbed their hidden stash with Groschen and a silver cross. That ought to be worth looking for.

  • Inform the innkeeper Ondrej.

    • Start: I should ask Andrew about that thief. I don't suppose he knows every last crook in the area, but he might know someone who knows more. Otherwise, I'll have to go round all the charcoal-burners in the vicinity of Skalitz and search for... a kettle.

    • Completed: Andrew confirmed our suspicions. He says there was some charcoal-burner from Rovna hanging around who tried to sell him a silver cross on a red ribbon.

  • Find and return Adam's valuables?

    • Start: I know Andrew put this job my way to make some easy coin, but shouldn't give something back to Adam? At least a bit.

  • Find and return Adam's stolen things.

    • Start: Adam will be happy if I can find the rest of his coin. Everyone here would be glad to get over this misfortune.

    • Failed: Adam died. His worldly concerns are over.

  • Return to Andrew with the loot.

    • Start: I shook almost everything he stole out of him. Andrew will be happy with his share.

    • Completed: Andrew was happy with his share, and so was I. Only Adam lost out, but that's how it goes sometimes.

  • Return to Adam with the loot.

    • Start: I got all the loot out of the thief. I'm curious what Adam will have to say about it.

    • Completed: Adam was happy I got his coin back and wanted to reward me.

  • Give up?

    • Start: I squeezed them a little too hard. Now I'll never find out from them who did it and where he hid the loot. I can poke around the nooks and crannies and see what I can find, but I might be leaving empty-handed.

    • Completed: I hate to quit, but I didn't have much choice. I didn't find out which one of them it was.

  • Return to Adam with the money.

    • Start: There wasn't much left of the coin, but at least Adam is left with something.

    • Completed: The thief had already spent most of the coin, but Adam was grateful even for the little that was left. He'd already mourned his loss anyway.

  • Give Adam the cross back.

    • Start: I got that lost cross back.

    • Completed: I brought Adam back his cross and he was glad the heirloom hadn't been lost forever.

  • Find the charcoal-burner Tonchek.

    • Completed: I finally found out from Andrew that the man I'm after is Tonchek, a charcoal-burner from Rovna.

  • Rob the charcoal-burners' stash.

    • Start: The thieving charcoal-burner stashed his loot in the roots of a fallen tree behind his cabin.

    • Completed: I got the thief's stash. The purse of Groschen was finally mine and the thief was left with nothing for his trouble.

  • Talk to Adam.

    • Start: I've heard Adam helps out at the Tavern by the Gate in Rattay.

    • Completed: Adam goes to help out at the Tavern by the Gate in Rattay.

  • Find the thieving charcoal-burner

    • Start: Tonchek the charcoal-burner lives in a cabin at the end of the woodland clearing.

    • Completed: I found that thieving magpie Tonchek. Then all I had to do was get the money out of him.

  • Help Andrew with finding out who stole the silver from the tavern.

    • Start: Andrew hasn't got a job for me, but he's heard about some opportunities. If there's any truth in his information, he deserves a share of the proceeds.

    • Failed: It's a shame things turned out the way they did with Andrew. Nothing I can do about it now.

  • Adam is dead.

    • Failed: Dead men tell no tales. Now I'll never find out from Adam what happened.

  • Beginning of quest.

  • After talking to Adam.

  • After arriving at charcoal-burners' camp.

The pot of silver at the end of the rainbow Walkthrough

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