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The horse that bolted is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The Uzhitz stables have lost a horse. More like their fastest stallion, called Pie, has gone. The head groom has asked me to find Pie and bring him back to the stables.


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The horse that bolted Objectives

  • Look for Pie by the stream.

    • Start: I met a wayfarer who'd seen Pie. The twitchy dappled horse had apparently been heading upstream, south of here.

  • Talk to Vashek, the groom.

    • Start: I should ask Vashek, the groom, where he lost the horse.

    • Completed: The groom, Vashek, told me he lost Pie at the crossroads just south of the stables. And he advised that Pies likes to keep to the bridleways.

  • Go to the crossroads.

    • Start: I should go to the crossroads where the horse was last spotted.

    • Completed: By Vashek’s account, I should go to the crossroads. Pie is gone from there, of course, and there are four routes heading off from the crossroads, which doesn’t help me much.

  • Find Pie.

    • Start: To find Pie, I should look for tracks, or ask passing folk if they have seen anything.

    • Completed: After a long search I’ve found Pie. He wasn’t alone, though. Keeping him company was some charcoal-burner from the nearby camp, laying claim to the dappled stray.

  • Return Pie to the stables

    • Start: I need to bring Pie home.

    • Completed: After I got rid of that charcoal-burner it was simple. I saddled up Pie and brought him home to the Uzhitz stables.

  • Pie is dead.

    • Completed: Unfortunately it was not in Pie's stars to return to his home stables. At least not alive, since there's still hope he might come back in the form of very exclusive sausages. Although that will be little compensation for the Head Groom.

  • The head groom is dead.

    • Completed: I found out the Head Groom is dead, so that brings this job to an end.

  • Go and see the groom about your reward.

    • Start: There’s bound to be some reward for bringin Pie back.

    • Completed: The Head Groom was naturally delighted to get Pie back, I got a bit of coin out of it and maybe the stableboy Vashek will even get a second chance.

  • The horse was seen by the river.

    • Start: I met a wayfarer who spotted Pie. That skittish creature was galloping upstream along the creek a little to the south.

  • Pie's been stolen.

    • Completed: As soon as I mounted Pie, I saw he was a damned fine steed. So I thought, what if I don't take him back? The poor animal can't even get up a proper gallop at the stables. No doubt that's why he bolted when he had the chance. He'll be much better off with me.

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The horse that bolted Walkthrough

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