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The Die is cast is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. My spiritual contemplation in the Order of St. Benedict is over. Farewell, Brother Gregor! Now, back to those crimps - let's hope they finally lead me to the bandit encampment.


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The Die is cast Objectives

  • Go to the agreed place in the swamp by Sasau.

    • Start: I have to get to the agreed meeting-place in the marshes near Sasau.

    • Completed: I arrived at the place where I was supposed to meet the brigands. It’s in the middle of the marshland near Sasau.

  • Light a fire as a signal to the bandits.

    • Start: I need to light a fire to show I’m here.

    • Completed: I lit a fire at the meeting point and waited for the brigands to arrive.

  • Find a clue leading to the bandits' encampment.

    • Start: I didn’t manage to find out where the bandits have set up camp. Now I’ll have to redouble my efforts to find it. I'll try asking around in Sasau - maybe someone there has caught wind of something.

    • Completed: The meeting with the crimps didn't quite work out, so I had to find another way to discover where the bandits are holed up. I succeeded - they were camped at an old stronghold called Vranik on the hill above the river.

  • Report to Sir Radzig and Sir Hanush on the investigation.

    • Start: I’ve found out the location of the Bandit camp. I ought to go to Rattay and get word to Sir Radzig and Sir Hanush.

    • Completed: I explained the situation to Sir Radzig and Sir Hanush at the Upper Castle in Rattay. Neither of them took it too well that the brigands' stronghold was so close by. They decided to deal with the bandits right away, but first someone would have to go and scout out the camp, determine their strength and their plans. "Someone" meaning me, of course.

  • Go to Wranik and find out the foe's numbers and plans.

    • Start: The only path to the brigands’ encampment at Vranik leads from the east side of the hill, from Ledetchko. Now to get in, by hook or by crook.

    • Completed: I’ve managed to get past the gate into the bandits'camp at Vranik by convincing them I was one of them. Then all I had to do was to cautiously have a good scout around, and find their commander, Erik.

  • Report to Erik in the camp

    • Start: I am to report at the camp, to Eric.

    • Completed: I found Erik, who's in charge of the whole encampment. He wanted to put me to the test in combat, so he sent me to the combat master for assessment.

  • Scout out the camp and the enemy forces.

    • Start: I need to take a good look around, so I can gauge how many men there here.

    • Completed: There were around a hundred men at the camp. A massive force! I was sure that would be troubling news for Their Lordships.

  • Go and see Combat Master Vanyek.

    • Start: Combat Master Vanyek's tent is down by the stockade, right next to the training arena. We'll see how much of a master he really is...

    • Completed: I went to see Combat Master Vanyek, who looked me up and down a bit curiously, but he wasn't one to waste much time on words, so we quickly got down to fighting.

  • Go back to Erik.

    • Start: After the trial with the Combat Master, I am to speak with Eric.

    • Completed: I had been worrying needlessly. I got all the information I needed and more! Pity it couldn't have been done without captivity and torture... But now I knew the villain behind everything was Istvan Toth, who was always one step ahead of us and was preparing an attack. He had many men at Vranik and was already envisioning himself as the new liege lord in this fiefdom. And what he said about me and Sir Radzig… Could it possibly be true I am his son?

  • Escape from the encampment.

    • Start: Now or never! I need to escape from the camp.

    • Completed: Thank the Lord! With the help of Zbyshek I managed to escape from captivity in Vranik. But I still faced the long journey to rattay in the dark, with Zbyshek or without him.

  • Go and report to Rattay.

    • Start: I have to report back to Rattay as quickly as possible. Sir Hanush and Sir Radzig need to know what's happening right away!

    • Completed: I finally succeeded in staggering back to Rattay and reporting to Sir Hanush and Sir... that is, my father. I had a feeling everything I'd just endured was the easy part and the worst was yet to come...

  • Meet with Zbyshek.

    • Start: I ought to meet Zbyshek. Although, after what he did to me in Skalitz…

    • Failed: I didn't give a thought to Zbyshek during my escape and went on my way without him. For all I cared, he could rot in the woods!

    • Completed: Despite the darkness, I ran into Zbyshek. I still had doubts about whether he deserved my forgiveness.

  • Go back after Eric.

    • Completed: The Combat Master seemed quite surprised at how I chased him round the combat arena. I made such an impression on him that he even taught me a trick with the axe. Though I don't know how much that will help me in getting information out of Erik.

  • Go back after Eric.

    • Completed: I got soundly trounced by the Combat Master, which didn't make a very good impression on him. I'm afraid that won't help me much in getting information out of Erik.

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