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Siege is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. None of our attacks succeeded and Talmberg remained in Istvan’s hands. Several camps sprung up around the castle and they all had to be got up and running.


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Siege Objectives

  • Ask around the camps if anyone needs help.

    • Start: The camps have been set up, but Sir Robard still has a lot to do in them. If I can help him with something, we might have a better chance of infiltrating the castle.

    • Completed: It seemed to me I've done enough. It was time to put an end to Istvan Toth!

  • Talk to Captain Robard.

    • Start: Sir Divish wants me to have a word with Robard about the state of the camps.

    • Completed: Captain Robard briefed me on the situation in the camps and mentioned a few things they needed help with.

  • Find out if some herbalist could brew up something to fend off sleep.

    • Start: Captain Bernard's main concern is that the men are tired and prone to falling asleep on duty. One of the herbalists could brew up a tonic for them to ward off fatigue and perk them up for battle.

    • Completed: At Captain Bernard's urging, I visited a herb-woman to see if she had some potion to keep the men on their feet.

  • Get enough mint.

    • Start: I've got to get enough mint for the herb-woman.

  • Get the valerian needed.

    • Start: I've got to get enough valerian for the herb-woman.

  • Get a some wormwood.

    • Start: The herb-woman says a little wormwood added to the potion will enhance its effects.

  • Ask the nearby charcoal-burners if they have any pitch.

    • Start: We could use some pitch to set fire to the gate. I should go and ask the nearby charcoal-burners if they have some to spare.

    • Failed: I couldn't get enough pitch for setting the gate alight. Captain Bernard wasn't too happy about it.

  • There’s not much meat in the camp, I could go and get some.

    • Start: I could hunt down some game and bring the fresh meat to the quartermaster in the camp by the quarry.

    • Completed: I hunted down some game and brought the meat to the quartermaster to keep the encampments going for some time.

  • The camp is out of beer, I am to ask around the taverns, hereabouts.

    • Start: There's no ale left in the camps and not a single keg to be found in Talmberg. I'll have to ask at the local alehouses if they can spare a keg or two.

    • Completed: I managed to get ale for the soldiers. I hoped they wouldn't swill it all down in a couple of days.

  • Get a priest willing to go to Talmberg

    • Start: We could use a pastor in Talmberg to take care of the dead and dying. It would be good for the morale of the troops. I should try and find a priest who would do it.

    • Completed: Our dead could finally be buried with the dignity that befits Christians. I arranged for a priest to come and give them the last rites.

  • Find a medicus from the monastery, to come to Talmberg

    • Start: We have many wounded and dying men in need of medical help. I should go to the monastery and ask what they can do.

    • Completed: The physician from Sasau Monastery was able to take the time to come to Sir Divish's camp and take care of our wounded and dying.

  • Talk to Master Feyfar.

    • Start: Master Tobias Feyfar was given the task of building a trebuchet for the siege. He's the best engineer for miles around, but war machines are not really his field and he might not be up to the job. I have to be available to him in case he needs anything.

    • Completed: At Captain Robard's request, I spoke to Master Feyfar, who admitted building a trebuchet was beyond his capabilities and he needs the skills of the famed master siege engineer Konrad Kyeser.

  • Talk to Sir Divish about starting the siege.

    • Start: With the help of God, the counter-attack on our trebuchet failed and it's still standing, and no one else can come to Istvan's assistance. I must talk to Sir Divish about what happens next.

    • Completed: There was no longer any cause for delay. It was time to leave the cosiness of or camps and prepare to attack.

  • Take the pitch to the quartermaster at the encampment by the quarry.

    • Start: I managed to find some charcoal-burners who fortunately had some pitch. Now I have to take it to the quartermaster in the encampment by the quarry. Good news for Captain Robard.

    • Completed: Captain Robard was happy I got the pitch to help us get through the gate.

  • Wait until the potion is brewed.

    • Start: I handed over the necessary ingredients to the herbwoman and now I have to wait until she brews the potion.

  • Take the potion back to the encampment.

    • Start: The herb-woman brewed me enough potion to keep the men on their feet. Now I have to take it to Captain Bernard at the camp.

    • Completed: I brought a potion from the herb-woman to Captain Bernard to keep the men on their feet. He no longer had to worry about his sentries falling asleep at their posts.

  • Talk to the quartermaster.

    • Start: According to Captain Robard, the quartermaster ought to know what needs sorting out at the camps.

    • Completed: The quartermaster told me the encampments were short of fresh meat and beer. I could hunt down some game, but where to hunt down a keg of ale?

  • Talk to Captain Bernard.

    • Start: Captain Bernard is in charge of the camps. I should ask him if he's having trouble with anything.

  • Talk to Sir Divish.

    • Start: Sir Divish is wounded. I should ask him if he needs something to relieve his suffering.

  • Bring more meat…

    • Start: I already brought some meat, but it seems a soldier's belly is never full. It won't hurt to bring some more.

  • Autosave

  • Wait until the trebuchet is finished.

    • Start: Sir Divish and Master Feyfar now have at their disposal the best engineer in the kingdom, if not in the whole Empire. The trebuchet should be built in a few days.

  • Go and watch the trebuchet test.

    • Start: The trebuchet should be finished by now. I must go and see it being tested!

  • Tell the quartermaster to send someone for pitch.

    • Start: I've arranged for supplies of pitch. I just have to tell the quartermaster to send someone to pick it up.

  • Persuade the sawbones from the monastery to come to Talmberg (update).

    • Start: Brother Nicodemus can't leave the Infirmarium and go and help at the Talmberg siege camps, because his hands are full at the monastery. I must talk to Johanka and see if there's anything I can do to help.

    • Completed: I managed to get the physician from Sasau Monastery enough free time to come and help us with our wounded and dying.

  • Get the brewed potion from the herb-woman.

Siege Walkthrough

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Tips & Tricks

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