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Poverty, Chastity and Obedience is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I discovered that the only way to the monastery leads through a young nobleman, who is supposed to join the monks' ranks.


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Poverty, Chastity and Obedience Objectives

  • Put away all your worldly goods and chattels.

    • Start: If I want to get into the cloister, I can't have any worldly possessions. There's a trunk in the gatehouse where I can put my things.

  • Put on the monk's habit.

    • Start: Every monk has to wear a habit. I have to put mine on.

  • Get rid of the guardian so you can speak to Karl in private.

    • Start: If I'm to speak with Karl, I'll have to lure away his guardian first.

    • Completed: I lured away Karl's guardian, so now I can talk to his ward in private.

  • Steal the writ from the guardian.

    • Start: I need to obtain the writ that will permit me to enter the monastery. Karl's guardian Manfred has it on him.

    • Completed: I did it! I got the writ granting a novice entry to the monastery.

  • Talk to the young man who's supposed to enter the monastery.

    • Start: The young noble is in the Sasau tavern now. Either I'll have to come to an agreement with him, or I find some other solution. Either way, I will enter the monastery in his place. The monks will be expecting a new novice, and that's what they'll get.

    • Completed: Karl, the young noble who was supposed to enter the monastery was sitting in the tavern in Sasau. It was a problem to talk to him confidentially, because his guardian wouldn't take his eyes off him for a moment.

  • Go with the writ to the monastery's porter.

  • Play dice with Manfred.

    • Start: The guardian has started drinking and I should keep him at it.

    • Completed: Karl's guardian seemed very strict at first, but it turned out he wasn't averse to a game of dice, so I played with him and he even got pretty drunk in the process.

  • I spoke with Karl.

    • Start: I can finally speak with Karl in private.

    • Completed: Karl wasn't exactly overjoyed about entering the monastery, so he was quite willing to let me take his place and to advise me. He told me I needed a writ of acceptance from the Abbot to get into the monastery, which, unfortunately, his guardian, Manfred, had safely tucked away.

  • Steal the guardian's purse.

    • Start: In order for KARL to escape, he needs the money that Manfred has.

    • Completed: To help Karl slip away to a new life, I had to get the purse of coin his guardian was holding for him.

  • Learn how to read.

    • Start: I can't enter the monastery without being able to read. I have to learn. I'd better ask some learned people where I can do that.

    • Completed: I couldn't enter the monastery without being able to read. I had to learn.

  • Go with the writ to the monastery's porter.

    • Start: I have everything I need to enter the monastery

    • Failed: Brother Porter has gone to his heavenly reward. And the door to the monastery is slammed shut in my face.

  • Enter the monastary as a novice.

    • Start: The only way to get to Pious is to become a novice in the monastery.

    • Completed: I succeeded in the first part of my Sasau mission - I entered the monastery and became a novice monk.

  • It's been long enough. There should be a new porter at the monastery by now.

    • Start: I killed the previous monastery porter, but that was quite some time ago. They should have a new one by now, so I should go and try again.

  • Tell Radzig what the bandits want you to do.

    • Start: Perhaps I should speak with Sir Radzig. After all, the bandits are asking me to infiltrate the monastery and murder someone there.

    • Completed: Lord Razdig told me that I should not kill Pious, but that I should secretly whisk him off to the Bailiff. He just shrugged at mention of sneaking into the monastery.

  • Kill Pious.

    • Start: I'm supposed to kill Pious. I don't know yet which one of the novices he is, but once I find out, he's dead.

    • Completed: Pious is dead... if it was him.


Poverty, Chastity and Obedience Walkthrough

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Tips & Tricks

  • Novice Antonius is Pious.