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Playing with the Devil is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Three village wenches in Uzhitz want to use magic ointment, risking each one’s life and immortal soul.


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Playing with the Devil Objectives

  • Speak to the village women about the magic lotion.

    • Start: Gertrude the herb-woman sold some village women of Uzhitz some weird magic lotion and now fears for their safety. She wants me to talk them out of using it, or at least to get a clear idea what their intentions are with it. The women are called Vera, Khuta and Zlata

    • Completed: The trail led from the herb-woman straight to the women she's sold the ointment to. They wanted to smear themselves with it and invoke dark powers to rid the land of the Cumans.

  • Go and see Gertrude, the herb-woman, and find out what she incited the Uzhitz women to do.

    • Start: The priest spoke of Gertrude the herb-woman having brought a few Uzhitz women to witchcraft. I am to speak with her and find out what happened.

    • Completed: Father Godwin asked me to investigate what was going on in Uzhitz. He said Gertrude the herb-woman had sold three women some magic ointment and he wanted me to find out more. Gertrude admitted it was true, but claimed she meant no harm. She said the ointment was just a herbal concoction, but it could cause strange visions.

  • Go to the village women’s meeting place at dusk.

    • Start: The women owned up to meeting in the woods at night and then doing something with that ointment. I ought to follow them and see.

    • Completed: The women were meeting at night in the woods. I came along too and watched what was happening from a distance.

  • Interject in the chanting.

    • Start: It’s all going a bit wrong here. Maybe I should intervene.

    • Completed: I got involved in the incantations and invocations of the Devil and the women took me for his messenger, if not the Satan himself.

  • Cavort with the women.

    • Start: I am the devil. The Prince of Darkness and Ruler of the Underworld, arisen! I have to consort with women. This instant!

    • Failed: I guess I will never find out how my cavorting with the village women went. The ointment made me pass out.

    • Completed: After I got involved in the sabbath, the women pounced on me and smeared the ointment on me, so I very soon joined them in their diabolical trip. The whole world changed before my eyes. The last thing I remember is that the women wanted me to cavort with them. But then came a rude awakening - some woodcutters burst into the clearing and wanted to kill the women.

  • Tell the Parish Priest what happened.

    • Start: I woke as if from a bad dream. On the spot where the Devil was being invoked yesterday are the dead bodies of woodcutters. I should tell the Parish Priest.

    • Completed: I told the Parish Priest what happened in the woods - that I'd fought with some woodcutters who wanted to hack the Devil out of the witches, although in the visions I was having I took them for demons themselves. I think this will be troubling my conscience for a long time yet.

  • Follow the women at a distance and don’t interfere.

    • Start: I should keep an eye on the women from a distance, but not to get mixed up in what they're doing.

    • Completed: I watched what happened in the women's sabbath. They smeared themselves with the ointment and then started acting like they were out of their minds, talking nonsense and behaving as if they were seeing visions. They kept going on about how God had forsaken them and called on the Prince of Darkness.

  • Tell the Parish Priest what happened.

    • Start: I've woken up as if from a bad dream. The Uzhitz women are dead on the spot where they were invoking the Devil yesterday. I should tell the Parish Priest.

    • Completed: I told the Parish Priest what occurred - that I'd woken up in the clearing with the women lying dead around me and I've no idea how it happened. I think this will be troubling my conscience till my dying day.

  • Follow the women to the woods.

    • Start: The women go somewhere into the woods at night. I'll follow them and find out what they're doing there.

    • Failed: I followed the women on the way to their witches' sabbath, only they saw me and turned back home.

    • Completed: I followed the women to where they carried out their witches' sabbath. They smeared themselves with ointment and began invoking dark forces.

  • Try following the women the next night.

    • Start: I was too impatient and interrupted the women, so they turned and went home. Next time I should be more careful.

    • Completed: This time I was more careful and didn't betray myself to the women, so I was able to follow them all the way to their nocturnal sabbath.

  • Tell the herb-woman how it ended up.

    • Start: The herb-woman will want to know how the use of her ointment ended up. I should go and see her.

    • Completed: I told the herb-woman what happened after the women used her ointment. I expect she won't be selling any more of that stuff in future!

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