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Piece of a Saint is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Urban would like to touch the remains of Saint Procopius, but in local monastery monks do not allow him to do so.


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Piece of a Saint Objectives

  • Get a piece of the remains of Saint Procopius for Urban

    • Start: I offered to help him. Perhaps I could actually get some of the genuine relics. Or I could get a bone somewhere else. One bone is much like another - how would Urban know the difference?

    • Failed: Urban died and his divine wish along with him.

    • Completed: I offered to help him and I really did manage to get my hands on something.

  • Bring the relic to Urban

    • Start: Now I just have to bring it to Urban. That is, if I'm satisfied with what I have for him…

  • Bowl.

    • Completed: The bowl from the cave of St. Procopius seemed like a thing that would satisfy Urban's desire for a sacred relic. And he seemed quite pleased. But he warned me to make sure I put everything back where I found it.

  • Bone from a grave.

    • Completed: I figured the piece of bone I found in town would do the job just as well. And I was right. Urban never noticed the difference anyway.

  • The Charlatan's tooth

    • Completed: I bought a tooth from the local charlatan for Urban. As I expected, he never noticed the difference and was quite satisfied.

  • Get "better" remains.

    • Start: Maybe I can find something better, but where? It's either dig up some grave in the churchyard, or buy some remains somewhere. It's not like I can just go to the butcher! Who in Sasau would be selling sacred remains?

    • Completed: I offered to help him and I really did manage to get my hands on something.

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Piece of a Saint Walkthrough

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