The Padfoot Potion is an Item in Kingdom Come: Deliverance and can be made with Alchemy.


Whoever is hard of hearing, has uneven and noisy footsteps and treads heavily, let him brew this to sharpen the ears and loosen the limbs, that he may step quietly as a mouse and lighten his burden.


Greatly improves the hearing and loosens the feet, so they step more quietly.


  • You will need water, a handful of valerian, one of eyebright and one of chamomile, as well as a cobweb
  • Drop the cobweb and eyebright in the cauldron
  • Boil the mixture for three turns
  • Grind the valerian
  • Add the valerian to the cauldron and boil for one turn
  • Leave the cauldron to cool
  • Grind the chamomile
  • Add the chamomile to the cauldron, but do not boil
Item Alchemy