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Our little house in Kuttenberg is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Ludmila from Merhojed is looking for an important document. Her brother-in-law Paul had it on him when he was killed on the burned farm. I should ask about it.


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Our little house in Kuttenberg Objectives

  • Find the deed for the house in Kuttenberg.

    • Start: Ludmila asked me to find the deeds for their house in Kuttenberg. The last one to have the document was her brother-in-law, Pavel, but he was killed on the farm by the Cumans who attacked it.

    • Completed: There was nothing on Pavel's corpse, but it seems one of the soldiers, Andreas, found something.

  • Ask Ludmila if she needs anything.

    • Start: Johann sent me to Ludmila, who might have some job for me. I should find her somewhere in the vicinity of their stud farm in Merhojed.

    • Completed: I found Ludmila, who wanted to talk to me alone, out of earshot of her husband..

  • Bring the deed back to Ludmila.

    • Start: I finally managed to get Andreas to give me that deed, which Ludmila is so concerned about. Now all I have to do is bring it to her.

    • Completed: Ludmila looked like a weight had fallen from her shoulders, and the deal worked out well for me too, so all's well that ends well.

  • Go and get your horse.

    • Start: I decided to accept a horse as a reward. It's waiting for me in the paddock by the stables. I just have to tell Johann I paid 300 Groschen for it.

    • Completed: The horse isn't bad. Not such a nag as I thought at first. I hope I won't regret this...

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