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No Rest for the Wicked is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Miller Woyzeck is dead. Everyone is convinced that he took his own life. Therefore, he cannot be buried in consecrated ground. Peshek wants me to arrange for a proper burial in the cemetery. There's no need to mention it won't be so easy…


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No Rest for the Wicked Objectives

  • Get a dead Cuman and bring him back to Peshek.

    • Start: Church regulations forbid the burial of Woyzeck in consecrated ground. We will have to bury him there in secret. First, I'll need the corpse of a footpad or Cuman, which I can switch with Woyzeck's body.

    • Completed: I got a dead body.

  • Meet Peshek at night by the side gate to Rattay

    • Start: We can get working and bury Woyzeck. I should go to Rattay's side gate at night and meet Peshek there.

    • Completed: I met with Peshek at night outside Rattay. We are going to bury Woyzeck.

  • Speak with the priest about burying Woyzeck

    • Start: When I speak with the priest, perhaps I can soften him up so he allows for Woyzeck to be buried in the cemetery amongst Christians.

    • Completed: I've spoken with the parish priest, but he can't be persuaded. He won't bury Woyzeck.

  • In the tavern in Samopesh ask where the Cumans are camped.

    • Start: The best "substitute body" for Woyzeck's is that of a Cuman. Someone around here will likely know where there is a Cuman camp.

    • Completed: I found the Cumans' camp.

  • Go see Peshek.

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