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Nightingales is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Three of the Rattay Huntsman’s precious nightingales have flown off into the woods somewhere. I'm not exactly an ardent ornithologist - I'm more used to chasing bandits and thieves in the woods. But variety is the spice of life...


Related NPCs and Characters

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Nightingales Objectives

  • catch nightingale 1

  • catch nightingale 2

  • catch nightingale 3

  • bring nightingale 1

  • bring nightingale 2

  • bring nightingale 3

  • Bring the nightingales to the Huntsman.

    • Start: I caught all three nightingales, now all I have to do is take them to Berthold.

    • Completed: Berthold was grateful. He'd already given up hope of every finding his songbirds. And I'm happy to say he showed his gratitude in silver.

  • Berthold is dead

    • Failed: Poor Berthold had an accident. I might as well give up looking for nightingales.

  • Trap set

    • Start: I've set a trap here. Now I have to wait a while and see if I catch anything.

  • Trap set

    • Start: I've set one of the traps here. If any of the nightingales is nearby, it'll soon be caught.

  • Trap set

    • Start: I've set a trap here. If there's a nightingale in the vicinity, it'll get caught soon enough.

  • Find the nightingales.

    • Start: Berthold told me the nightingales should be somewhere in the woods towards Vranik. I'll have to keep my ears open - I have to listen out for their distinctive song and then lay the traps nearby. Then all I have to do is wait until they fly into the traps.

    • Completed: The Huntsman supplied me with traps for the nightingales and told me roughly where to look. I must admit a peaceful walk in the woods was just what I needed after all the chaos of recent days. I soon had the nightingales back in their cages, ready to return to the Master Huntsman.

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Nightingales Walkthrough

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Tips & Tricks

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