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Nasty Habits is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Someone is sneaking into the cellars at night to drink wine. I'm pretty sure that's against the monastery rules!


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Nasty Habits Objectives

  • Talk to Jodok about the wine for the Circators.

    • Start: It seems Novice Jodok helps to obtain wine for the Circators for their nightly drinking bouts, and I could be of assistance. I should talk to him about it.

    • Completed: I had a chat with Jodok about the wine for the Circators and he asked me if I could help him get it. It's no easy matter, though, since the casks of wine are stored outside the monastery.

  • Go and meet Jodok in the evening in the monastery garden.

    • Start: I'm to meet Jodok in the monastery garden this evening.

    • Completed: We planned our expedition to get wine for the evening and I was supposed to meet Jodok in the monastery garden. He was already waiting for me there.

  • Steal the monastery keys from the Prior.

    • Start: To get out of the monastery, I need the keys to the main door. The Prior ought to have them.

    • Completed: It seemed to me the easiest way to get out of the monastery was to get the keys to the door, which I soon managed. Now I can come and go as I please! Only I'd better not be seen.

  • If I get 200 Groschen, Brother Cellarius will get me the keys to the monastery.

    • Start: If I can get 200 Groschen for Brother Cellarius, he’ll get me the monastery keys.

    • Completed: Brother Cellarius could have got me the keys to the monastery, but he charged me an arm and a leg. Anyway, I brought him the coin and he delivered the keys.

  • Get some lock picks.

    • Start: If I can’t get out of the monastery with the keys, I could do with some lock picks.

    • Completed: I got lockpicks, which should be enough to get me past the monastery door.

  • Get the Circators a cask of wine.

    • Start: The cask of wine the Brother Circators want for their nighttime revelries is in the Custodian's cellar. Well, it's not going to come rolling to me all on its own!

    • Completed: I got back to the monastery with the cask of wine before anyone even noticed I was gone.

  • Find out Jodok’s role in the nocturnal drinking bouts.

    • Start: It's interesting that Novice Jodok has something to do with the Circators’ nocturnal drinking bouts. I should question him about it.

    • Completed: I went to Novice Jodok and asked him straight out what his involvement is in the Brother Circators' nighttime merriment, to which he replied that he knew about it, but didn't have the nerve to confront the senior brothers, so he even ended up acquiring their wine supplies.

  • Talk about the Circators with Lucas.

    • Start: I should talk to Novice Lucas and find out why he's got trouble with the Brother Circators.

    • Completed: Novice Lucas told me about his problems with the Brother Circators. He found out they were boozing in the cellars at night and wanted to report it to the Prior. Only before he could do it, they got wind of it and made his life Hell.

  • Find out what’s going on in the cellars.

    • Start: I could find out more by going down to the cellars at night to take a look.

    • Completed: The night revelry in the monastery cellar is down to the very monks who are responsible for enforcing the rules and keeping order - the Brother Circators. O tempora o mores!

  • Find out what the Circators did to Lucas.

    • Start: The Circators in the cellar mentioned Lucas by name and that he came to a bad end. I could find out more about it.

    • Completed: I was wondering why Lucas was having a hard time. I discovered that he had found out the Brother Circators were boozing in the cellars at night and was planning to report it to the Prior. Only the Circators caught wind of his intentions and started making his life a living Hell.

  • Take the cask to the Circators.

    • Start: I took the cask of wine the Brother Circators wanted from the Custodian's cellar. They'll surely be thrilled... as long as I can get it to them before someone notices my absence from the monastery.

    • Completed: The Circators were very happy with their fresh supply of wine. And no doubt I've made a good impression on them.

  • Talk to brother Cellarius - he might be able to get a few useful things.

    • Start: I should talk with Brother Cellarius - he could probably get me some things that aren’t up for grabs in the monastery. Like lock picks, for example.

    • Completed: Brother Cellarius used to be a burglar and knew how to get hold of lockpicks. And he really got some for me.

  • Open the door out of the monastery.

    • Start: The only thing keeping us from the wine for the circators is one locked door, the one leading out of the monastery.

    • Completed: I managed to open the door out of the monastery.

  • Sit down at the table with the monks.

    • Start: The circators invited me to come and sit with them.

    • Completed: I joined the circators at the table for a drink.

  • Bring the cask.

    • Start: I got out of the monastery. Now all I have to do is creep into the Custodian's cellar and take the cask of wine. Nothing to it!

    • Completed: In the dead of night I crept through the garden into the Custodian's cellar and took the cask of wine the Brother Circators were after.

  • Report the boozing to the Prior.

    • Start: There's been boozing going on late at night in the monastery cellars, and the guilty parties are two Brother Circators! I'm sure the Prior would want to hear of it.

    • Completed: I did my duty and informed the Prior about the two monks who've been boozing at night in the monastery cellars - circators, who should be setting an example to the others! That should put a stop to their illicit merriment.

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