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Mine exploration is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The Skalitz mineworks are standing idle, still damaged by the Cuman raid. It’s high time to check and see what state everything is in, to start the job of getting it back up and running, if possible …


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Mine exploration Objectives

  • Talk to the Chief Engineer.

    • Start: Sir Radzig has sent me to see the Buildmaster Feyfar, who will tell me more about what to do, and what to check.

    • Completed: Sir Radzig sent me to the Master Engineer, Tobias Feyfar, who told me he was concerned mainly about one of the mine shafts, but that he'd be glad if I checked out the other mining equipment too.

  • Examine the mining works

    • Start: The Master Engineer has sent me to check the mineshaft, the water works and the ore yard.

    • Failed: I didn't get round to everything Master Feyfar wanted me to check - I had something more pressing to deal with.

    • Completed: I examined the ore roasting plant, the waterworks and the mine gallery, as Master Feyfar asked.

  • Examine the ore processing yard

    • Start: Master Feyfar wanted me to examine the state of the ore processing yard

    • Completed: The yard was ransacked, but not badly damaged. It can be put back into working order quite quickly, which will please Master Feyfar.

  • Examine the condition of the mineshaft

    • Start: I have to check the whole gallery, not just the opening by the pond at the foot of the hill. I'll have to follow it all the way to the end if I can.

    • Completed: The mineshaft was clear and seemed alright, but Master Feyfar won't be too happy about the other things.

  • Examine the condition of the waterworks.

    • Start: The waterworks include a stamping mill and washing troughs around the pond and water tanks to the west of Skalitz. Master Feyfar wants me to examine them.

    • Completed: The water works seem all right. Soggy wood doesn’t burn well.

  • Report the silver find to the Chief Engineer.

    • Start: Now that everything’s been checked and dealt with, I ought to tell Master Feyfar my findings.

    • Completed: I told Master Feyfar about the mines, the miners and the silver. He was glad the mines were in decent shape, but the news about the thieving Nemoy got him well worked up. He'd like to have seen him clapped in irons

  • Find the mine gallery mentioned by Master Feyfar.

    • Start: Master Feyfar wanted me to check on one particular mine gallery at the foot of the hill near to the pond.

    • Completed: I found the entrance to the mine near the fish pond. Master Feyfar wanted me to check it out.

  • Escape from the mine!

    • Start: Christ, what a place! They threw the mine foreman down the shaft on top of my head. I've got to get the hell out of here before those lunatics kill me!

    • Completed: No rocks fell on my head, but Mine Foreman Nemoy damn near did! Then his cronies tried to kill me so there'd be no witnesses. I thought I'd never get out of that mine in one piece.

  • Inform Tobias Feyfar.

    • Start: I'll have to report everything to Master Feyfar.

    • Completed: I told Master Feyfar what I achieved in and around the mines and he praised my efforts.

  • Examine the condition of the mine gallery.

  • Find out if Nemoy really is stealing silver.

    • Start: Master Feyfar had a fit when he found out someone might be stealing silver in the Skalitz mines. His suspicion fell immediately on the mine foreman, Nemoy. No doubt he had some trouble with him in the past.

    • Failed: I let Nemoy and the others go. They weren't worth the trouble

    • Completed: Nemoy didn't welcome my questions and decided to get rid of me at any cost.

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  • Skalitz mines.

Mine exploration Walkthrough

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Tips & Tricks

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