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Masquerade is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Fritz and Matthew have hatched a plan, which usually means lots of fun... and lots of mischief.


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Masquerade Objectives

  • Find out from Fritz how it is with Andrew.

    • Start: It seems Fritz knows Andrew, the local innkeeeper very well indeed. I should find out what's going on.

    • Completed: I found out that Fritz really does know Andrew, the local innkeeper. They're not exactly the best of mates, though.

  • Strike a deal with Andrew.

    • Start: Frick tasked me with persuading innkeeper Andrew to help us lighten the purses of some local crooks.

    • Completed: I had to talk Andrew the innkeeper into working with us. In the end he agreed to help with arranging the hold-ups. Let's hope we haven't bitten off more than we can chew.

  • Find out from Milomir what a "real" Cuman looks like.

    • Start: Pearls before swine! It seems my Cuman disguise isn't Cuman enough! And some fellow called Milomir is supposed to know what a real Cuman outfit should look like.

    • Completed: Andrew took the view that my Cuman outfit wasn't frightening enough he sent me to talk to Milomir, who he said had seen Cumans up close. Only Milomir clearly didn't know a damn thing. He'd never clapped eyes on a Cuman in his life - he was just repeating what he'd heard from other people.

  • Find some black feathers.

    • Start: One black feather is as good as another. I'm sure chicken feathers will do just fine!

    • Completed: Bran the charcoal-burner told people that the Cumans are always draped in raven feathers. So I got some... well, something that looked like raven feathers.

  • Get hold of a dog skin.

    • Start: So the skin of a dog hunted at night is the best protection? Who ever heard of such a thing? Well, no doubt any dog hide will do just as well.

    • Completed: It seems Vashek told everyone and his brother about the invincible Cumans dressed in dog hides. So I was left with no option but to get some.

  • Get hold of some animal teeth.

    • Start: Wolves' fangs aren't something you can just buy on the market square. But who's ever seen any close up? I'm sure any animal teeth will do, maybe a wild boar's?

    • Completed: The more outrageous the idea, the more people believe in it! So to convince them we're real Cumans, I had to get those damned fangs.

  • As soon as you have the feathers, fangs and dog hide, go and see Andrew.

    • Start: Once I've got everything needed for the disguise, I'll have to take it all to Andrew. If he's got any more critical remarks, he'll find out what it's like to meet a real barbarian!

    • Completed: It all worked out in the end. Andrew the innkeeper was finally satisfied with the "authentic Cuman" outfits, though I had the feeling we looked like travelling minstrels with cheap costumes.

  • Get three Cuman disguises.

    • Start: Andrew insists we need disguises for the hold-ups - Cuman outfits, that is. And he told me where I can probably find some Cumans.

    • Completed: Andrew came up with the idea that it would be best to have Cuman disguises for the hold-ups. So with quite a bit of work I managed to get three Cuman outfits, including helmets with faceplates. But despite all the effort, Andrew wasn't very impressed.

  • Go to the Cuman camp west of Uzhitz.

  • Go to the Cuman camp east of Uzhitz.

  • Go to the Cuman camp not far from Andrew's inn.

  • Get hold of three Cuman helmets with faceplates.

    • Start: I have to get hold of three Cuman helmets. The important thing is they have to have visors that cover the whole face.

  • Get hold of three suits of Cuman armour.

    • Start: I've got to get hold of three Cuman suits of armour.

  • Find out what Bran knows.

    • Start: I've heard that Bran the charcoal-burner often talks about Cumans.

  • Talk to Olena.

    • Start: Someone heard some stories about Cumans from Olena, the wife of the Talmberg fisherman.

  • Talk to Vashek.

    • Start: Vashek, a young stableboy from Uzhitz, apparently knows something about the Cumans too.

  • Get raven feathers.

    • Start: Bran has been regaling the local maids with tales of fierce Cumans wearing raven feathers. Where can I find some?

  • Hunt down a dog at night and skin it.

    • Start: Dressed in dog skins? I wonder how Vashek manages to sleep at all with dreams like that. So where am I to find a stray dog, or one whose master won't be missing him...?

    • Completed: It seems Vashek told everyone and his brother about the invincible Cumans dressed in dog hides. So I was left with no option but to get some. The sooner I forget that experience, the better.

  • Get wolf fangs.

    • Start: That Olena is a complete lunatic, but people believe her tales, so to convince them we're real Cumans, I have to get wolf fangs.

Masquerade Walkthrough

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