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Locked out is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The Bailiff of Samopesch had one drink too many and lost his keys. It's a rather awkward situation, but I'm sure I can help him out. I should try and find the keys for him, or failing that, try and open his door some other way.


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Locked out Objectives

  • Open the Bailiff's door

    • Start: I promised the Bailiff I'd help him get his door open.

    • Completed: I opened the door for Bailiff. His wife will surely be glad...

  • The player finds out he has to talk to the Bailiff's wife.

    • Completed: The Bailiff said his wife found him in the morning. It seems she might be able to tell me more about his nighttime escapades than he can himself.

  • I found out the blacksmith can help me.

    • Completed: I suggested to the Bailiff that the blacksmith should be able to help him with the lock. He wasn't too happy about the idea, but if there's no other way, I should go and enlist the blacksmith's help discreetly.

  • Get the keys back from the herb woman.

    • Start: I should persuade the Bailiff to apologise, or find another way to get the keys back from the herb woman.

  • Get your reward from the Bailiff.

    • Completed: So ends the saga of the Samopesch Bailiff's lost keys.

  • Find the Bailiff's keys

    • Start: Bailiff lost his keys. I'd better go and have a look for them.

    • Completed: It turns out the herb woman took the Bailiff's keys and won't give them back until he apologises to her for his nocturnal horseplay.

  • The player finds out the merchant knows something.

    • Completed: I found out the Bailiff was celebrating a deal with a local merchant that evening. Maybe the merchant knows something.

  • Open the Bailiff's trunk

    • Start: Apart from the door, the Bailiff's trunk is also locked and he doesn't have the key for that either. I should help him open it.

    • Completed: Apart from the locked door, the Bailiff needed to get his trunk open too, so I opened it for him.

  • The player finds out the herb woman has the keys.

  • I convinced the Bailiff.

    • Completed: I managed to convince the Bailiff to go and apologise to her. Maybe now she'll give him back the keys and everything will be fine.

  • I killed the herb woman and took the keys.

    • Completed: Since the Bailiff is an important dignitary who won't apologise to some old hag from the woods, I decided to get the keys back by any means available. What's the life of one old crone compared to the honour and welfare of the Bailiff?

  • The merchant told me about his drinking escapade.

    • Completed: The merchant told me all about their nighttime adventure. He took leave of the Bailiff somewhere by the creek in Samopesch and when he saw him again, the Bailiff's face was painted and he had a wreath of nettles on his head.

  • The Bailiff apologized.

    • Completed: The Bailiff apologized and gave me a reward.

Locked out Walkthrough

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