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Libri prohibiti is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In the monastery library there is a cabinet containing forbidden books, locked away from prying eyes. And among them is the very book that Brother Nevlas thinks could describe a remedy to cure the ailing Abbot Peter. Why should such a book be banned? Well, the medicinal arts are not always compatible with the Divine Plan, besides which, the author was an infidel!


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Libri prohibiti Objectives

  • Steal the forbidden book at night.

    • Start: I have to creep into the library at night and steal and Arabic book from the cabinet containing forbidden books.

    • Completed: I managed to get my hands on the forbidden book Brother Nevlas wanted. He was very pleased, because he believes he will find a cure for the ailing Abbot Peter in the text of the ancient Arab sage.

  • Get the key to the cabinet containing the forbidden books.

    • Start: The cabinet of forbidden books will be locked, so I'll have to either get hold of the key, which Brother Librarian carries, or pick the lock.

  • Find the records of the novices.

    • Start: I have found out that the abbot (and now the prior) keep records of all the novices in the monastery. I could find a clue in my search for Pius there, but I will need to break into their study first.

    • Completed: I have broken into the prior's chambers and read the records he kept of the recently arrived novices. I learned a number of interesting things.

  • Bring the book to Nevlas.

    • Start: I have the forbidden book. Now I have to take it to Nevlas.

  • Unlock the cabinet containing the forbidden books.

    • Start: I have the forbidden books in my reach. Now I just have to open the lock.

Libri prohibiti Walkthrough

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