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Last Will and Testament is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Everyone deals with the approach of death in their own way. Some look for God's forgiveness, others try to do right by their loved ones, others to set their worldly affairs in order.


Related NPCs and Characters

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Last Will and Testament Objectives

  • Take the will to the Sasau Parish Priest.

    • Start: Vincent of Merhojed asked me to take his last will and testament to Father Fabian in Sasau. He wants to disinherit his wayward son, Elijah.

    • Completed: I gave Vincent's will to Father Fabian.

  • Find Elijah.

    • Completed: I found Elijah and talked to him about his father wanting to disinherit him.

  • AUTOSAVE at quest start when I got the will and am going with it to Sasau.

Last Will and Testament Walkthrough

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Tips & Tricks

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