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in vino veritas is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. in vino veritas ddd


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in vino veritas Objectives

    • Start: Miller Simon from Sasau wants to steal a casket of precious wine from the Sasau monastery cellars. How better to get into a monastery, than disguised as a monk? I am to get two monastic habits.

    • Completed: I have obtained two monastic vestments.

  • Escort the wagon into the Sasau monastery.

    • Start: Simon and I are heading for the Sasau monastery.

  • Sneak in to the basement and find the barrel.

    • Start: We are inside the monastery. My task is to creep in and find the right casket.

    • Completed: I’ve found my way into the monastery cellars and found the casket. Let’s hope it is the right one.

  • Put the barrel into the wagon.

    • Start: All that remains is to get the casket onto the wagon.

    • Completed: I’ve loaded the casket on the wagon, we can get out of here.

  • Find the wagoner and get Šimon's silver out of him.

    • Start: There was no silver in the casket, only rocks. The switch must be down to the coachman that’s gone missing.

  • Take the silver to Šimon.

    • Start: I have the silver! I ought to take it to Simon.

    • Completed: All’s well that ends well. Simon has his silver.

in vino veritas Walkthrough

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