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In God's Hands is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I met Johanka at the monastery, and it looks like she's having trouble...


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In God's Hands Objectives

  • Get healing herbs for Semek.

    • Start: I should find out how to help Semek. He mentioned some purple herb.

    • Failed: Semek died.

    • Completed: Semek was cured.

  • Help with healing the sick in the monastery.

    • Start: Johanka asked me to help the wounded from Skalitz. I should have a look in the infirmary to see how they're doing.

    • Completed: I successfully helped the wounded in the monastery, all least all the ones I could help.

  • Bring some game meat to the infirmary.

    • Start: The sick in the monastery need some nutritious food. I'll try to find some game meat.

    • Completed: I got some nutritious game meat for the infirmary. Now at least the sick will have some decent food.

  • Find out how to get better conditions for the sick.

    • Start: They have unsatisfactory conditions in the infirmary. Maybe infirmarius Nicodemus knows more?

    • Completed: The sick in the infirmary had to endure very poor conditions. Brother Nicodemus advised me to talk to the Custodian, who apparently fell out with Johanka.

  • Try to get supplies from the churchwarden.

    • Start: I should try to get supplies from the Custodian for the sick.

    • Completed: I had a good man-to-man talk with the Custodian and in the end I persuaded him to release some supplies for the sick and wounded. It will certainly give them some relief.

  • Find Father Simon.

    • Start: Father Simon from Skalitz knows about poisoning and should be able to help Philip, but he left years ago. There's still talk in Rovna of him being seen though. Maybe it wouldn't a bad idea to find out if there's any truth is in the rumours.

    • Completed: I found Father Simon, who knows something about poisoning. He told me Philip needed to have his intestines purged.

  • Go see Father Simon

    • Start: Phillip needs Father Simon's help. I have to go and see him!

    • Completed: I found Father Simon, who knows something about poisoning. He told me Philip needed to have his intestines purged.

  • Get Philip Artemisia potion.

    • Start: Artemisia potion is the best remedy for purging the guts. I should get some somewhere.

    • Completed: The best thing for purging the intestines is Artemisia potion. I got some and gave it to Philip to drink.

  • Wait a while to see if the cure takes effect.

    • Start: I'll have to wait at least two hours to see if the remedy helps Philip or not.

    • Failed: Unfortunately, I didn't help Phillip on time and he died.

    • Completed: Philip really did recover. He'll soon be completely healthy!

  • Find bandages for Hans.

    • Start: Find bandages for Hans' wounds.

    • Failed: Unfortunately, Hans didn't get help on time and he died.

    • Completed: I got bandages for Hans' injured leg.

  • Tell Nicodemus to tie up the wounded.

    • Start: Tell Nicodemus to tie up the wounded.

    • Failed: Hans died. It seems he was in more acute need of bandaging than I thought.

    • Completed: Brother Nicodemus treated Hans in the end. I didn't feel capable of doing it.

  • Find something to help the insomniac fall asleep.

    • Start: One lightly injured man couldn't get to sleep in the infirmary and asked me to get him some remedy.

    • Completed: One lightly injured man couldn't get to sleep in the infirmary. After the potion I gave him, he should sleep like the dead.

  • Help with treating the Skalitz locals in the monastery.

    • Failed: All the wounded in the monastery died. Johanka won't be happy...

    • Completed: I've succeeded in saving some in the monastery. Unfortunately not all of them...

  • Find bandages for Hans.

    • Completed: I got bandages for Hans, who had an injured leg. It should be enough even for re-bandaging.

  • Help the man with the borken leg.

    • Start: There's a patient in the infirmary who has a bandaged leg. Even though the wound doesn't seem to be so bad, he's pale and doesn't react. I have to find out how I help him.

  • Ask the executioner about the man with the broken leg.

    • Start: Johanka isn't giving the wounded man any chances. Maybe it's a long shot but I could try to ask the executioner from Rattay.

    • Failed: Unfortunately, Thomas died. I could still set his leg, but he won't get much benefit out of it.

  • Set the broken bone in the man's leg.

    • Start: I know how to set the wounded man's leg. Now just to do it.

    • Failed: I didn't help the man with the broken leg in time and unfortunately he died.

  • Find out what happened to Phillip.

    • Start: I have to find out what happened to Phillip. Maybe Nicodemus or Johanka will know.

    • Completed: I found out that another of the patients, Philip[, was poisoned and I had to act quickly if I was to save him.

  • Broken leg - set the bone.

    • Completed: There was an injured man in the infirmary with a broken leg and no one expected him to recover. I couldn't leave him to die, so I tried to find a way to heal him and in the end I succeeded. All I had to do was set the borken bone and he slowly started to recover.

  • Healing herbs for Semek.

  • Tell Johanka you can't do any more.

    • Start: I can't help any more of the sick and wounded. I'd better tell Johanka.

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