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Honeyed Words is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Young Lord Capon is in love. Again! And again he wants me to help him win the heart of the maiden in question.


Related NPCs and Characters

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Honeyed Words Objectives

  • Go to the tailor's.

  • Secretly bring the letter and gift to Karolina the butcher's daughter.

  • Report to Capon whether Karolina wore the tunic.

  • Go back to Capon.

  • Find a book of love poetry.

  • Go and find Capon.

  • Pick a bouquet for Karolina.

  • Bring the bouquet to Karolina.

  • Tell Capon that Karolina accepts the rendezvous.

  • Go back to Capon and tell him Karolina doesn't want him.

  • Flee from pursuit.

  • Learn to read.

Honeyed Words Walkthrough

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Tips & Tricks

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