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Hanekin Hare and the Huntsman's Horn is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I promised Hanekin Hare I'd help him. This aristocrat, outlaw and poacher hasn't had the last word yet. I don't know what he has in mind, but I expect the Master Huntsman and his wife will play leading roles in his plan.


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Hanekin Hare and the Huntsman's Horn Objectives

  • Kidnap the Huntsman’s Margaret.

    • Completed: Hare's plan was a bold one. While he lured Nicholas out of his lodge, I had to deal with the hardest part - grabbing Nicholas' wife and basically abducting her. But everything went as planned. I got Margaret to the mine gallery safe and sound, although she was none to keen on it.

  • Make Nicholas sign the document.

    • Start: I have to find Nicholas and force him to sign the confession.

    • Completed: Nicholas was understandably upset by the news of his wife's abduction, even moreso when I made him sign a confession of his guilt in exchange for her release.

  • Bring the document to Hanekin Hare.

    • Start: Now I just have to take the document back to Hanekin Hare.

  • Hanekin Hare is dead.

    • Completed: Hanekin Hare is dead, and his plan for vengeance along with him.

  • Nicholas is dead.

    • Completed: Nicholas Angel is dead. Hanekin Hare will naturally be blamed and his name will never be cleared.

  • Margaret is dead.

    • Completed: Margaret, the Huntsman's wife is dead. Hanekin Hare will naturally be blamed and his name will never be cleared.

  • Meet Hanekin Hare by the mine gallery.

    • Start: First I have to get to the old mine gallery where Hare is hiding out and find out what he's up to.

  • Bring Margaret to the mine gallery.

    • Start: I've got to take Margaret alive and well to the mine gallery.

  • Hare's plan.

    • Completed: Now I know what he's planning, and it's nothing nice. Hare wants to force Nicholas to sign a confession, which of course he would never do under normal circumstances. But once his wife Margaret is at our mercy, he'll surely think again.

  • Abduct Margaret, whatever it takes.

    • Start: However we go about it, Hare's plan will only work if Nicholas believes Margaret is in danger. And I'd better get a move on - Hanekin Hare wants to execute his plan without delay.

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Hanekin Hare and the Huntsman's Horn Walkthrough

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