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Fishy Business in Uzhitz is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The Uzhitz fisherman organises prize fights.


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Fishy Business in Uzhitz Objectives

  • Beat Mash

    • Start: I've still got to beat the Uzhitz brawler they call Mash.

    • Completed: Mash got his face mashed.

  • Beat Maple

    • Start: I still haven't beaten the Uzhitz brawler known as Maple.

    • Completed: I felled that Maple with my bare hands.

  • Beat Josef

    • Start: Josef is one of the Uzhitz brawlers I haven't fought with yet.

    • Completed: Josef's a very quiet fellow. He hardly even made a sound when he hit the ground!

  • Beat the fisherman

    • Start: The fisherman will only fight me if I beat three other brawlers - Mash, Maple and Ma... Josef.

    • Completed: The fisherman was a slippery customer, but I beat him in the end. he could no longer claim to be the best fighter around.

  • You won!

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  • More fights...

    • Start: Whenever I want, I can go to the fisherman and his mates and have a brawl with them for a wager.

Fishy Business in Uzhitz Walkthrough

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Tips & Tricks

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