Farkle is a dice game in Kingdom Come: Deliverance that can be played in almost every tavern.


  • At the beginning of each turn, the player throws all the dice at once.
  • The goal is to be the first one to reach a certain number of points
  • After each throw, one or more scoring dice must be set aside (see sections on scoring below).
  • The player may then either end their turn and bank the score accumulated so far, or continue to throw the remaining dice.
  • If the player has scored all six dice, they have "hot dice" and may continue their turn with a new throw of all six dice, adding to the score they have already accumulated. There is no limit to the number of "hot dice" a player may roll in one turn.
  • If none of the dice score in any given throw, the player has "farkled" and all points for that turn are lost.
  • At the end of the player's turn, the dice are handed to the next player in succession (usually in clockwise rotation), and they have their turn.


  • 1 or 5 thrown
    • A one will yield 100 points
    • A five will yield 50 points
  • 3 or more kind of any other number will yield 100 points multiplied by the given number, eg. three twos are worth 200 points (with one as an exception as three ones are worth 1000 points) - see example table below
Dice combination Score
Each 1 100
Each 5 50
Three 1s 1000
Three 2s 200
Three 3s 300
Three 4s 400
Three 5s 500
Three 6s 600
Straight (5 Dice (1-5)) 500
Straight (5 Dice (2-6)) 750
Straight (6 Dice) 1500

four or more of the same kind is worth double the points, so four 3s are worth 600 points, five 3s are worth 1200 points etc.

Since each player uses his own dice, there's also an opportunity to cheat. See the Die Category for more information how to gain them and in what way they are manipulated.

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