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Family Values is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Istvan didn't wait for the outcome of the skirmish, but took advantage of our departure and attacked the few men left guarding our trebuchet.


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Family Values Objectives

  • Go quickly and help defend the trebuchet!

    • Start: I have to get to the trebuchet as quick as I can and help defend it.

    • Completed: But we fought off the attack! The trebuchet still stood and Istvan lost even more men.

  • Join the briefing in the tent.

    • Start: We escaped misfortune and defeat by a hair's breath. But what now? Are we going to continue with the siege or attack? I must ask about it.

    • Completed: I went to ask what was planned next and came upon Sir Hanush and Sir Divish questioning our new captive. And Erik was a tough nut to crack. Then we tried to negotiate an exchange of hostages, but Istvan flew into a rage and refused. Instead, he swore revenge if anything happened to our hostage. It seemed Erik hadn't lied, he was dear to Istvan and that was something that could still be of use to us. But the failure of the hostage exchange meant we were left with no option but to fight our way into the castle and hope it doesn't turn sour.

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Family Values Walkthrough

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