Faint-hearted Knight

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Faint-hearted Knight is an NPC in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


Faint-hearted Knight Dialogue Options

  1. Alright let's fight. -> Duel
  2. What's this about?
    1. Let's fight! -> Duel
    2. A duel for what?
      1. We'll fight for your sword. -> Duel -> Reward: Stalwart
      2. We'll fight for your outfit. -> Duel -> Reward: Decorated Shirt
      3. We'll fight for coin. -> Duel -> Reward: 20 Groschen
    3. This is foolishness (Speech)
    4. Why not start with the damsel? (Charisma)
    5. I'm not going to fight you.
  3. I've no time for nonsense!

Faint-hearted Knight Notes and Tips

  • You can't get the rewards by simply killing and looting him
    So if you want the Stalwart you need to pick the right dialogue options and duel (not kill!) him.
  • Meeting him a second time after dueling (not killing) him and being rewarded with the sword, you won't get this dialogue option again. So you can just choose between outfit and coin as possible reward.
  • It's said that since he's a random encounter you can meet him multiple times on your journey (with a bit of luck and enough hours on the road) even if you killed him at the previous encounter!