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Epilogue is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Toth is gone, his men scattered, but there are still many things left unresolved.


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Epilogue Objectives

  • Go to the Upper Castle during the day to meet Margrave Jobst.

    • Start: I should find out why Margrave Jobst has come to visit Rattay. Everyone will no doubt be at the Upper Castle.

    • Completed: There was a great assembly of lords at the Upper Castle in Rattay. Their Lordships were discussing high politics with none other than Margrave Jobst. Everyone agreed on one thing - that the Bohemian throne must be restored to Wenceslas IV to end all the unrest in the Kingdom and the Empire.

  • Speak with Lord Capon in the courtyard.

    • Start: We can head off! Hans Capon is awaiting me in the courtyard.

  • Talk to Capon.

    • Start: As soon as I’m ready I must tell Capon we can get going.

    • Completed: We're on our way! I'm eager to see what we'll encounter on our mission!

  • Find out where Sir Hans Capon has ridden off to.

    • Start: Sir Hans Capon evidently got tired of waiting for me and set off without me. I'll have to find out from someone which way he went and catch up with him. I hope he left word for me.

    • Completed: Sir Hans Capon evidently got tired of waiting for me and set off without me. Fortunately, he left word for me that he would wait for me in the camp at Neuhof, and would amuse himself with hunting until I got there.

  • Go after Capon.

    • Start: Let’s be off! I can’t wait to see some other part of the world than our own neck of the woods!

    • Completed: Sir Hans Capon and I have gone off toward the castel of Trosky to see Otto of Bergow. We’ve stopped of at the camp behind Neuhof. This is my last chance to top up my supplies and get ready to leave my home shire behind.

  • Talk to your father.

    • Start: I think I should talk to Father about what to expect.

    • Completed: My father sent me to Trosky Castle with Sir Hans as his personal bodyguard. Our task is to deliver the letter to Bergow, have a good look around and get back as soon as possible.

  • Pick up the letter from Margrave Jobst.

    • Start: Margrave Jobst and Sir Hanush are writing a letter to Lord Bergow. I have to pick it up from them before we leave.

    • Completed: Margrave Jobst has given me and Sir Hans a letter for Sir Otto of Bergow. We're to deliver it to him at his castle, Trosky.

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Epilogue Walkthrough

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