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Easing the pain is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. There is wounded soldier on the burned farm near Merhojed. He is in great pain and I should try to find someone who can help him.


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Easing the pain Objectives

  • Find someone who knows about herbs and healing.

    • Start: I have to ask around whether anyone knows about healing wounds.

    • Completed: They say there's a herb woman living in the woods to the west of Samopesch who knows about healing.

  • Send the herb woman to the wounded soldier.

    • Start: The herb woman lives in the woods nearby Samopesch. She will surely ease the dying soldier's suffering.

    • Completed: I had a job convincing that damned hag to go to the camp. I hope she gets there before it's too late.

  • Ensure that the herb woman gets to the wounded Miroslav.

  • Find out from Martin how Miroslav is doing.

    • Start: I should ask Martin how things turned out with Miroslav.

    • Completed: Miroslav was beyond help, but at least his passing was eased a little. Sir Robard will be sorry to lose a swordsman.

Easing the pain Walkthrough

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