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Do Me a Favour - Punch Me! is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. There's a brawler in Rattay who fights people for silver. Maybe I could beat a Groschen or two out of him.


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Do Me a Favour - Punch Me! Objectives

  • Beat Stephen

    • Start: I've got to beat Stephen, one of the Skalitz refugees, so that Milan will take me seriously.

    • Completed: I managed to beat Stephen. I hope it was worth the trouble.

  • Beat Ringlet

    • Start: I've got to beat Ringlet, the Skalitz refugee. As far as I remember, he's as tough as they come. I think I'd rather tackle good old Kunesh.

    • Completed: I put Ringlet on his arse, and good for him too. He's been asking for a good hiding for years.

  • Beat Milan

    • Start: Milan is a ne'er-do-well from Rattay who brawls with refugees for wagers. Before I can take him on, I have to beat Stephen and Ringlet.

    • Completed: Milan was a bastard, taking advantage of the suffering of the Skalitz refugees to line his purse. The look on his face when he coughed up the Groschen was a pleasure to see!

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  • More fights...

    • Start: I can always have a fight with Milan or the Skalitz brawlers, but only Milan is worth it.

Do Me a Favour - Punch Me! Walkthrough

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