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Cemetery Blossoms is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The herb woman asked me to help Drahomira, the butcher woman from Ledetchko who is at her wits' end. She claims the ghost of her dead neighbour has been haunting her at night and she can't get a wink of sleep.


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Cemetery Blossoms Objectives

  • Collect 10 poppies.

    • Start: One of the ingredients for the incense is poppy. I need to find at least ten of them.

    • Completed: Poppies serve as an additive in the incense, so I got at least ten.

  • Pick flowers from the grave of the restless deceased.

    • Start: To banish the ghost, I need flowers from his grave.

    • Completed: Apart from poppies, I also needded flowers from the grave of the departed for the incense to dispel the restless spirit. I found the grave and plucked all the flowers growing on it.

  • Drive the ghost out of Drahomira's cottage.

    • Start: I have everything I need. I can now perform the smudging ritual.

    • Completed: I performed the smudging ritual in Drahomira's cottage and chanted the spell, just as the herb woman advised me. The ghost should be gone.

  • Ask the Apothecary in Rattay about banishing ghosts.

    • Start: Smudging didn't help. I could ask the Apothecary in Rattay if he knows about other methods of getting rid of restless spirits.

    • Completed: Since the smudging didn't work, I asked the Rattay Apothecary what might help. He told me I had to get hold of something that belonged to the departed, and an old book of spells, which won't be easy, since the book is banned.

  • Take some charred wood from the burned-down farm.

    • Start: Since the whole burned-down farm belonged to Alois, a piece of charred wood from it should do.

  • Find out from Father Godwin what to do about the ghost.

    • Start: A priest is my last hope for getting rid of the ghost. I should go and see Father Godwin - no doubt he'll advise me.

    • Completed: A priest was my last hope for getting rid of the ghost, so I went to see Father Godwin about it, but he said the problem was not with the dead, but with the living. He thought Drahomira had a troubled conscience. But why?

  • Go to the quarry and arrange for a cross to be made.

    • Start: What's needed is to raise a conciliatory cross. I can arrange for one in the quarry.

    • Completed: I arranged at the quarry for a conciliatory cross to be raised, which should put the troubled soul to rest forever.

  • Begin the smudging ritual.

    • Start: I should put all the ingredients in the incense burner.

  • Burn the herbs.

    • Start: Now I have to burn the plants.

  • Cast the spell over the grave.

    • Start: Cast the spell over the grave of Alois' wife, Lada.

    • Completed: Then, at night, me and the Apothecary cast a spell from the banned book over the grave of the person who was disturbing the dead man's rest - his wife, Lada. After our ritual, hopefully Alois will finally be able to rest in peace.

  • Get the book Liber de Mortuis - Necronomicon.

    • Start: The book is called Liber de Mortuis - Necronomicon, one of the 'libri prohibiti', books banned by the Church, so there may be one locked away at the monastery. The monks aren't likely to give it to me just for asking nicely though. I'll probably have no choice but to steal it.

    • Completed: I finally got my hands on the banned book of spells - Liber de Mortuis - Necronomicon. Stealing it from Sasau Monastery proved the only option.

  • Meet with the Apothecary at the crossroads.

    • Start: I'm supposed to meet with the Apothecary at night at the crossroads by Ledetchko. From there we'll go together to the grave of Alois's wife.

    • Completed: As agreed, I met with the Apothecary at night at the crossroads near the grave of Alois' wife, Lada.

  • See Drahomira and find out if the spell worked.

    • Start: I should find out from Drahomira if the spell worked.

    • Completed: The spell didn't work though. Drahomira complained that Alois' ghost was still visiting her.

  • Find the grave of Alois's wife, Lada.

    • Start: So we have to cast the spell over Lada's grave. I'll ask around if the locals know where it is.

    • Completed: It became clear that the spell had to be cast over the grave of Alois' wife, Lada. I asked around and folk told me the grave was in the woods close to the village.

  • Find out the following day if the smudging ritual worked.

    • Start: I've performed the smudging ritual to banish the ghost, but I'll only know if it's worked in the morning. I should come and see Drahomira then.

    • Completed: Unfortunately, the smudging ritual didn't do the trick. Drahomira told me the ghost was still haunting her.

  • Get Drahomira to tell the truth.

    • Start: I don't think the widow has told me everything. I should talk to her more.

    • Completed: I went back to Drahomira and she finally admitted everything to me. She had had an affair with Alois and when his wife Lada found out, she took revenge by burning down their cottage with Alois inside. No one ever found out about Drahomira and Alois, and years later her conscience caught up with her and would give her no peace, which is why she thought Alois' restless soul was pursuing her.

  • Find something that belonged to Alois.

    • Start: One of the ingredients needed for the incense is something that belonged to the dead man. Since the whole burnt-out farm belonged to him, a piece of charred wood from it should do.

    • Completed: One of the ingredients needed for the incense was something that belonged to the dead man. Since the whole burnt-out farm belonged to him, I took a piece of charred wood from it.

  • Find Alois's grave.

    • Start: In order to pick the flowers from the grave, I first need to find it. It's somewhere in the Sasau cemetery and I'll recognise it from the ivy growing on it.

  • Talk to Drahomira.

    • Start: The herbalist has given me some advice on dealing with the restless spirit, but first I should have a word with Drahomira.

    • Completed: I spoke to Drahomira, the widow of the Ledetchko butcher. She said was being haunted by a restless soul who she said was coming to her every night. The herbalist said burning herbs from the grave of the departed in Drahomira's room would dispel the ghost.

  • Find out what's troubling the departed Alois' soul.

    • Start: According to the apothecary and this peculiar book, if I want to cast a spell to dispel the restless soul, I have to first find out what's troubling it. Drahomira might have the answer to that.

    • Completed: In order to dispel the ghost, I had to find out what was troubling it. I asked Drahomira what it was and she told me a tragic story about his wife, who had burned him alive in their home.

  • Wait until the Apothecary has read the book.

    • Start: I got that peculiar book of spells for the Apothecary, now I have to wait for him to read it.

    • Completed: The Apothecary read the book of spells and said it was necessary to perform an exorcism over the grave of the departed who was disturbing Alois' rest.

  • Go back to the Apothecary.

    • Start: I've found out all I need to know and got what's needed. Now I should go back to the Apothecary.

    • Completed: I went back to the Apothecary and brought him everything needed.

  • Find Lada's grave.

    • Start: I got the directions to Lada's grave. I should be able to find it now.

    • Completed: Alois' wife Lada went mad after burning Alois alive in their cottage. She disappeared into the woods, where she eventually died in a delirium. I found her grave.

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