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Captive is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. While we were battling in Pribyslavitz, another gang of bandits attacked Merhojed. However, the villagers not only held of the raiders, but even took one captive. Sir radzig wants me to interrogate him.


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Captive Objectives

  • Interrogate the captive in Merhojed.

    • Start: I'm to interrogate the bandit who was captured during the raid on Merhojed and get what information I can out of him.

    • Completed: I thoroughly grilled the captive bandit. I'm not sure whether he told me everything he knows, but fear of the executioner certainly loosened his tongue.

  • Find out what happened to Matthias.

    • Start: My friend Matthias is in Merhojed. Since I have to go there anyway, I can go and see how he's doing.

    • Completed: Once I got to Merhojed, I went to see my friend Matthias, who's settled there. Unfortunately, it turned out he'd been seriously injured during the bandit raid.

  • Take the captive to Rattay jail.

    • Start: The interrogation is over and it's time to take the captive to Rattay jail.

    • Completed: After the interrogation, I took the bandit to Rattay, where he's now rotting in jail.

  • Go and report to Sir Radzig at the lookout point by Talmberg.

    • Start: I have to report to Sir Radzig and brief him on the situation.

    • Completed: I reported to Sir Radzig about everything that happened in Merhojed and what I'd found out. He heard me out, then gave me another task - I was to meet the merchant who dealt with handing over the money and material for the counterfeiters' workshop.

  • Talk to Matthias.

    • Start: Matthias has a badly injured arm, but at least he can talk. I'll ask him how he's doing.

    • Completed: For the first time in ages I had a chance to talk to Matthias. He gave me a blow-by-blow account of the raid on Merhojed and told me some serious illness had started running rampant in the village the day after the raid.

  • Search the bandit's corpse.

    • Start: Unfortunately, my mission isn't going very well. The captive bandit is dead. He was buried by a stone cross outside the village. Like it or not, I'll have to dig his body up and search it for clues.

    • Completed: Unfortunately, my mission wasn't going well. The bandit died. There was no way round it - I'd have to at least search his corpse. May God forgive me for desecrating the dead. At least it paid off - he had a letter on him that could shed light on the whole affair.

  • Loot the bandit.

  • Go to the hall of the Upper Castle.

    • Start: I must go to Sir Radzig and see what he wants of me.

  • Find out what happened to the captive.

    • Start: I got to the captive, but I've no idea what to do with him. It looks like he has a fever, he's ranting and doesn't react to questions. I'd better ask the locals if they know what the hell is going on.

    • Completed: When I got to the captive, I found out he was infected with the same disease as the Merhojed villagers - he's feverish, delirious and incapable of making sense.

  • Take care of the captive.

    • Start: If I'm going to question the bandit, I'll first have to figure out how to cure him of his sickness.

    • Completed: If I was to interrogate the captive, I'd first have to figure out how to heal him, which I finally succeeded in doing.

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  • Henry arrived in Merhojed.

  • Henry found information and has to go to Radzig.

  • Wait and see if the remedy works.

    • Start: I gave the remedy to the captive. Now he's in God's hands.

    • Completed: Once I got back to Merhojed, I gave the remedy to the captive and waited to see how things would turn out.

  • Check on the bandit.

    • Start: I should go and check how that captive bandit is doing.

  • Check on the bandit.

    • Completed: It seems that bastard's guardian angel was watching over him - or the Devil. Either way, he survived, so I could interrogate him.

  • Check on the bandit.

    • Completed: It didn't end well for the bandit, unfortunately. Not that I feel sorry for the bastard, but now I'll never find out what he could have told me.

  • Search the bandit's corpse.

    • Start: A dead man answers no questions. But who knows, maybe his corpse can still give up some clues.

    • Completed: There was nothing for it but to search the bandit's corpse. May God forgive me for touching that unholy thing. Fortunately, he had a letter on him that could cast some light on the whole affair.

Captive Walkthrough

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Tips & Tricks

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