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An Oath is an Oath is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The men are prepared, the trebuchet built and Istvan refuses to surrender. Talmberg must be conquered by force!


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An Oath is an Oath Objectives

  • Attack!

    • Start: Here we go. We have to take Talmberg.

    • Completed: As I expected, after three days of bombardment with the trebuchet, Istvan still refused to surrender, so a plan was devised to attack the castle. Captain Robard outlined it to me. It would be conducted on two fronts: one party would try to break through the north gate and andother would scale the walls on the western side. They would meet in the bailey and cut down the last of Istvan's men. It seemed to me like a well thought-out plan.

  • Get through the gate.

    • Start: Part of the attack will be aimed at the main gate on the north side. I could help with that.

    • Completed: Attack, now or never! I charged with the band of men whose task was to fight through the gate. It was brutal, but we got inside the castle. We'd succeeded in the first stage of the plan for conquest!

  • Storm the walls.

    • Start: The raiders with the ladders scaling the west wall would surely welcome my help.

    • Completed: Attack, now or never! I charged with the band of men whose task was to scale the walls. It was brutal, but we got over the battlements and inside the castle. We'd succeeded in the first stage of the plan for conquest!

  • Fire the trebuchet.

    • Start: I've been given the task of firing the first shot at Talmberg from the trebuchet. All I have to do is pull the lever.

    • Completed: Sir Divish decided we should get ready to bombard the castle. And I got to realease the first shot from the newly-built trebuchet. All I had to do was pull the lever and... What a crack! From that moment I began believing we'd conquer Talmberg for sure.

  • Talk to Sir Robard.

    • Start: I have to talk to Sir Robard, who will tell me what comes next.

    • Completed: After shooting the trebuchet, I talked to Captain Robard, who told me we'd be bombarding Talmberg for several days. Everyone was hoping it would persuade Istvan to surrender, but I didn't hold out much hope of that.

  • Wait until the three-day bombardment is finished.

    • Start: I'm supposed to come back after the bombardment is finished. That might take days.

  • Talk to Sir Divish once you're ready.

    • Start: We're left with no option but to start bombarding Talmberg. Sir Divish will surely tell me more.

  • Sir Robard is expecting me.

    • Start: Several days have passed. Captain Robard will surely know what's happening next.

  • Ride with Sir Hans to meet your father.

    • Start: And now to Skalitz as quick as possible. Let's pray that bastard keeps his word!

    • Completed: He's here! Istvan kept his word and my father is alive.

  • Get to the tower and rescue Lady Stephanie!

    • Start: We haven't won the day yet, because Istvan has dragged Lady Stephanie up to the northeastern tower. I must rescue her!

    • Completed: Done! By Christ, we won the day! Istvan had no choice but to accept a deal to save his own skin. But to my utter disgust and dismay, he made the most of his advantage. He released Lady Stephanie in exchange for Erik, but he refused to let my father go! He took him with him as a hostage in case anyone tried to stop him and promised to release him when he reached Skalitz. The slimy toad! Unfortunately, no one heeded my protests.

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An Oath is an Oath Walkthrough

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