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An errand of mercy is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In the soldiers' encampment at Merhojed are wounded who need treatment.


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An errand of mercy Objectives

  • Send the herbalist to the soldiers' camp.

    • Start: There are several wounded men at the soldiers' encampment by Merhojed. I promised I would bring the herbalist from Samopesch to help them.

    • Completed: The herb woman took a bit of persuasion, but in the end she said she would come and have a look at the wounded soldiers.

  • Bring supplies to the herb woman.

    • Start: I promised the herb woman I'd bring her poppy infusion, marigold infusion and five handfuls of comfrey.

  • Find the Samopesch herb woman.

  • Go to the soldiers' camp and find the herbalist.

    • Start: I should go and see the herb woman in the soldiers' encampment. She mentioned she would need help tending the casualties.

    • Completed: I promised to help the herb woman. She has to take care of the wounded at the encampment and she's running out of supplies. She asked me to get some things for her.

An errand of mercy Walkthrough

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