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A Needle In A Haystack is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. A fellow is hiding in the Sasau monastery who I'm supposed to find and kill. All I know about him is that he's one of the novices.


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A Needle In A Haystack Objectives

  • Is Yodok Pious?

    • Start: I told Antonius about my search. He thinks the Yodok might be Pious.

    • Failed: I know now Jodok isn't Pious. It was a red herring.

  • Kill another novice.

    • Start: Antonius is Pious, but I've decided to let him live. But in order for me to accomplish my task, one of the novices must die -- that's the only way the footpads will hear about a murder in the monastery.

    • Completed: The novice I killed wasn't Pious, but no one will ever know. The news got of the monastery that a monk was murdered, and that's all I need to convince the recruiters.

  • Get blood.

    • Completed: I agreed with Antonius - that is, Pious - that I wouldn't kill him, but help him to escape. To make it look like I held up my part of the bargain with the bandits, I had to fake his murder, for which I had to get fresh animal blood from the monastery kitchen.

  • Go back to Antonius.

    • Start: I've have everything necessary. I should go back to see Antonius.

    • Completed: I've brought everything to Antonius that we'll need for our flight together - blood, a wineskin and a means of unlocking the door.

  • Right after evening mass, meet with Pious in the dormitory.

    • Start: After evening mass, I am to meet Antonius in the dormitory.

    • Completed: While the other monks were at supper, me and Antonius met in the dormitory to discuss our escape from the monastery.

  • Follow Pious.

    • Start: I should follow Antonius out of the monastery.

    • Completed: Me and Antonius - that is, Pious - got out of the monastery together.

  • Bring the bandits proof that you completed your mission.

    • Start: With Antonius's die, I have proof that I've killed Pious. Now, I just have to take it to the bandits. I'm supposed to meet them in the swamp near the monastery. Once I'm there, I have to light a fire to signal them that I made it.

    • Completed: The fire I lit in the swamp signalled the bandits that I'd done my job. They came to meet me as agreed, we talked and I gave them Pious' die.

  • Get keys or lockpicks.

    • Start: It's no easy matter getting out of the monastery. I will need the keys to the door or at least some lockpicks. Brother Cellarius has lockpicks. If I want to get the keys, I'll have to steal them from the Prior.

    • Completed: The monastery doen't just let people come and go as they please. To get out, I needed a means of unlocking the door, which I did.

  • Is Novice Antonius lying?

    • Start: Lucas told me that Novice Antonius, despite what he claims, is most probably not from Vlashim. I should try and find out the truth of it.

    • Completed: I have spoken with Antonius, who maintains that he is indeed from Vlashim. Does this mean that Lucas is lying?

  • Find out which one of the novices is Pious.

    • Start: I have to find one of the perpetrators of the Neuhof massacre, Pious, among the monastery's novices. But how will I know which one he is? I doubt he'll tell me himself, and I wouldn't want to kill an innocent man. I'll just have to try and blend in here and look for any clues that might lead me to him.

    • Completed: This task was really like looking for a needle in a haystack - to get into the monastery, find out which one of the novices is Pious, confront him and... deal with him as my conscience dictated. All I can say for sure is I never want to return to a monk's life.

  • Kill Pious.

    • Start: For now, I don't know which one of the novices he is, but once I find out, he should die. Or I could bring him to justice.

    • Completed: I've killed Pious. Well… if it was him.

  • Kill Antonius.

    • Start: Novice Antonius has admitted to being Pious. Now I have to decide what to do with him.

    • Completed: I've killed Pious. He was hiding in the monastery as Novice Antonius.

  • Is Siskin Pious?

    • Start: I confided in Jodok about my mission. He thinks Siskin could be the one I'm looking for.

    • Failed: Siskin was a false trail - he definitely isn't Pious.

    • Completed: I killed Siskin - I figured he was most likely Pious.

  • Searching for Pious.

    • Completed: Novice Siskin stashed away coin and a dagger in the monastery.

  • Worldly goods in the monastery.

    • Completed: Siskin claimed the things he had in his secret stash were mementos of his life outside the monastery walls - the dagger he got from his father and the coin he stole from his home when his family forced him to enter the monastery against his will.

  • HIDDEN log update stash

    • Start: Could the stash containing a dagger and coin be connected to my investigation? Whose could it be?

    • Completed: The secret stash belonged to Novice Siskin - he admitted as much.

  • Siskin thinks Jodok might be Pious.

    • Completed: Siskin suggested that Jodok could be the one I'm looking for. He holds him in very low regard and reckons he's capable of anything.

  • Take back your things.

    • Start: Before I entered the monastery, I left all my possessions in a box near Brother Porter. They should still be there.

    • Completed: I got back the things I had to surrender when I entered the monastery. Only now could I return once more to the secular world.

  • log: Get blood.

    • Start: To help Antonius escape, I have to get some blood so we can fake a nice, juicy murder. All I have to do is add the blood to the order in the kitchen for supplies and wait till they arrive in the morning.

  • Wait until the blood arrives next day.

    • Start: I ordered the blood, now I just have to wait until it arrives.

  • Hand Pious over to justice.

    • Start: I talked to Sir Radzig about my mission to track down Pious and kill him. But Sir Radzig would rather I handed him over to justice instead. He wants me to take him to the Bailiff.

    • Failed: Although Sir Radzig wanted me to hand Pious over to the Bailiff, I decided to handle things my own way instead.

    • Completed: I talked to Sir Radzig about my mission to track down Pious and kill him. He told me to hand him over to justice instead. I did what he asked, and now Pious is in jail awaiting trial.


A Needle In A Haystack Walkthrough

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Tips & Tricks

  • A lockpick can be found on an altar on the backside.

  • The abbey key can be found on a shelf in the last room after the kitchen.