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Whose Cow is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


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Whose Cow Objectives

  • Help The Bailiff settle the argument between Rick and Lumeer.

    • Start: The Uzhitz Bailiff has to deal with two farmers, Rick and Lumeer, who are in dispute about a cow. He sent me to find out as much as possible and help resolve the dispute.

    • Completed: I helped the Bailiff decide the cow ownership quarrel between two farmers.

  • Pop over to the Bailiff to tell him about the two farmers’ dispute.

    • Start: There are two farmers in Uzhitz, Rick and Lumeer, who can’t settle on which of them owns a cow. They want me to take their dispute to the Bailiff.

    • Completed: I told the Bailiff about the quarrel between farmers Rick and Lumeer, about which of them owns some cow.

  • Go back to tell the Bailiff what you found out from the farmers.

    • Start: I’ve learned some background to the farmer’s cow-row, I can go and tell the Bailiff.

    • Completed: I explained the history of the cow-row to the Bailiff.

  • Tell the decision to the farmers.

    • Start: With the Bailiff’s blessing I took the decision on who owns the cow. Now I have to tell them.

    • Completed: I told the farmers whose the cow is.

Whose Cow Walkthrough

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