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Vengeance is a Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. My home was destroyed, my parents and my sweetheart murdered. I fled like a coward and only survived by a miracle. And when I tried to do the right thing and at least bury my loved ones, I lost the last thing my father left me - the sword he forged for Sir Radzig. But I will never run again, ever! I'll find that bastard who led the raid on Skalitz and kill him. And I'll find that thieving rat who took my sword and run him through with it!


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Vengeance Objectives

  • Get father's sword back.

    • Start: I have to find the bastard who stole the sword from me. I believe he goes by the nickname Runt and has something to do with Zbyshek from Skalitz.

    • Completed: The Neuhof stud farm was raided by bandits. The description of their leader matches that of the huge bastard who stole my father's sword, Runt.

  • Find out who led the raid on Skalitz and avenge your family.

    • Completed: Skalitz was razed by King Sigismund of Hungary's army, but the attack itself was led by a knight whose coat of arms was a shield with one half gold with three red bars and the other half plain red. He was the one who murdered my parents. It didn't take me long to find out who he was, because Sigismund's army also approached Talmberg and sent a negotiator to parley. It was him, and he even introduced himself by name - Markvart von Aulitz! And I was helpless to do anything. But one day I will find him!

  • Find Markvart von Aulitz and avenge your parents.

    • Start: I must find Markvart and avenge my parents.

  • Go to Neuhof, where Runt was seen.

    • Start: I must go to Neuhof and find those footpads. Perhaps it will lead me to Runt.

    • Completed: The attack on Neuhof was certainly led by Runt. When I find the members of his band, I'm sure to find him as well.

  • Find the other footpads from Neuhof.

    • Start: The trail leads further to Uzhitz. I have to find the limping bandit who was seen during the raid. Maybe I can squeeze the whereabouts of his leader out of him.

    • Completed: In Uzhitz I found out that Limpy Lubosh - the bandit Ginger recognised - is dead. But I have a new lead.

  • Find the footpad in Ledetchko.

    • Start: Another one of the bandits who took part in the attack on Neuhof is from Ledetchko. They call him Reeky. I must locate him and find out from him where his leader, Runt, is.

    • Completed: In Ledetchko I found Hynek, alias Reeky, another one of the bandits who attacked Neuhof. It turned out there was some dispute between the bandits and Runt killed the dissenters. That's why Lubosh died and also why they went after Reeky. In the end, Reeky told me that the bandits have a camp somewhere, but only his crony Timmy knows where it is. And he is hiding out in a windmill near Merhojed.

  • Find out where Runt's gang is encamped.

    • Start: I need to find Timmy and locate the bandits' camp before Runt's men get to him.

    • Completed: I found Timmy, along with Runt's men - the ones who wanted to kill him. But in the end, I discovered the location of their camp.

  • Infiltrate the footpads' camp.

    • Start: Now that I know where Runt is hiding, all I have to do is go there.

    • Completed: I was able to infiltrate the camp, but for me to take on Runt alone is out of the question. He is a beast of a man, and moreover, he has surrounded himself with a small army. Who is he exactly and what does he want?

  • Get Runt.

    • Start: Alone, I don't have a chance against Runt. An entire army will be necessary to take on that camp.

    • Completed: When I informed the lords about the bandit encampment, they decided to muster all the troops they could and attack. It was a massive battle, and in the end we were victorious. I found Runt and slew him myself. But he no longer had my sword and I was couldn't get out of him what he'd done with it. He laughed in my face even as I sent him to hell.

  • Find out who's behind the bandits' activities.

    • Start: I found a stash of money in the camp. It is clear that Runt was working for someone. Perhaps if I can find out who is behind all of this, I'll find my sword.

    • Completed: The coin we found in Pribyslavitz after the battle was counterfeit. Someone was paying Runt and his army with it.

  • Find out where the counterfeit coin is coming from.

    • Start: Maybe if I find out who is counterfeiting Groschen, I'll find out who's behind everything.

    • Completed: After a long investigation, I finally succeeded in finding the counterfeiters. They really were using the fake money to pay the footpads in their service. And it looks like they still are.

  • Try to find out from the recruiters who's behind the counterfeiting.

    • Start: I hear they are still recruiting in Sasau. Something else is certainly afoot. I need to find out who is behind the counterfeiting.

    • Completed: Winning the trust of the recruiters was no easy matter, but in the end I managed to convince them they could trust me. The reward for my efforts was that they led me to a massive encampment of bandits and mercenaries at Vranik, led by Sir Istvan Toth, a Hungarian lord I had met in the company of Sir Radzig before the attack on Skalitz. And now he had my sword! He captured me, but I succeeded in escaping his clutches and reporting to the lords what was happening. At the same time, I discovered to my surprise that I was Sir Radzig's son...

  • Join in the battle for Vranik and get your father's sword back

    • Start: In order to recover my father's sword, I'll have to take part in the raid on Vranik.

    • Completed: The lords decided to act quickly. They mustered as many men as possible and set out for Vranik, where a great battle took place and the bandits were wiped out to a man. But for Istvan Toth, who had vanished. Then we discovered to our horror that while we were battling with the bandits, Istvan and some of his men had taken advantage of Talmberg's vulnerability and seized the castle.

  • Help the lords to recapture Talmberg.

    • Start: I have to help the lords reconquer Talmberg, save Sir Radzig and Lady Stephanie and get back my father's sword.

    • Completed: The siege of Talmberg was long and hard and we even had to build a trebuchet to bombard it. Our encampments survived several attacks by Istvan's men, and attempted to penetrate the castle by stealth, but failed. All our endeavours culminated in a massive attack on the castle on two fronts and we finally conquered it. But Istvan once again proved his evil cunning and took Lady Stephanie and Sir Radzig hostage in exchange for safe conduct out of Talmberg. And so he rode away unscathed, and took my father's sword with him!

  • Find out how to get your father's sword back.

    • Start: Istvan Toth is gone with my father's sword and somehow I must get Sir Radzig to let me pursue him. And that won't be easy.

    • Completed: There was a great assembly of lords at the Upper Castle in Rattay. Their Lordships were discussing high politics with none other than Margrave Jobst and planning what to do next. They agreed on one thing - that the Bohemian throne had to be restored to Wenceslas IV and Sigismund's bloody campaign brought to an end. They drafted a letter to Sir Ottow of Bergow, the Supreme Prague Burgrave, a member of the League of Lords and strong opponent of Wenceslas'. They sent Sir Hans Capon to deliver the letter. And I joined Sir Hans' entourage!

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